Saturday, 11 November 2017



Hello............ Earlier in the week my sister put in a request for another crocheted Poppy, so my crafting time this week has been spent making one.

The pattern I used is a free pattern from Simply Crochet magazine which you can find here, it's the best Poppy pattern I have found. The Poppy is crocheted in one piece and once you get you're head around the pattern it's quite simple to make.

I did adapt the pattern a little, crocheting it all in red instead of starting off with a black centre.


This was because I really wanted to added a button to the centre of mine.

Not the best pic but here's a quick selfie of what it looks like on.  It you want to make a donation, to the Royal British Legion, then Simply Crochet have kindly added a link, or you could just pop a donation in one of the collecting tins when you are out and about.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx

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  1. Pretty poppy. How sweet of you to make one for your sister.