Thursday, 2 November 2017

Pretty Pumpkins

Hello............... Now I know what you are thinking, I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but for the last few weeks I've loved seeing all the pretty crocheted pumpkins appearing all over my Instagram feed and after seeing the cuties, Lucy over at Attic24 made 'here' I could resist no longer.

So I grabbed my chunky hook and then I did something terrible, I broken into the yarn pack I've ordered for crochet along starting in January. Eek I just couldn't resist I needed a chunky pumpkin in my life.

So with double stranded yarn I set to work (Spice and Tomato)

I even doubled stranded the top

My first pumpkin was born.  

As you can see it's quite a handful.

So that was it I was hooked, this time a very pretty vintage peach one with cream stripes with added golden sparkle, for this I used the tutorial in Lucy's post. 

This one had me dreaming of a pumpkin fit for Cinderella's coach, so pretty.  Now if I'd stopped here I would have been ready in time for Halloween, but I always think things look better in threes and I was hatching a plan.

 Adapting the original pattern to change yarn every two rows and using a much smaller hook.

So I could have the cutest stripey pumpkin, well maybe this one is more of a squash....

but I think I love it most of all with it's sparkly stalk and fiery tendril.


My Happy little pumpkin family, so sweet I think I will keep them out on display all autumn.

You can find the original pumpkin pattern here over on Planet Junes blog. So a huge thank you to June and Lucy for sharing there talents with the world.

Happy Days 

Clare x


  1. I love your sweet pumpkins. I’d seen photos on Instagram but it’s nice to see them all put together here. Next year. That’s what I said last year too, and I always get so busy I forget. Next year I definitely want to make some pumpkins for fall. Blessings, Betsy

  2. Gorgeous! You could do a little pumpkin wreath like your lovely flower ones x

  3. Adorable! I should have made them but ran out of time. I love yours.