Thursday, 9 March 2017

Woodland Flowers Mandala Ta-Dah

Hello......... It's Ta-Dah time today for this make which I started way back in May last year, you can read my first post about this mandala 'here'

but basically this mandala it's supposed to represent a year round woodland walk. I made the mandala to go on exhibition in the local library for our Craft Club.

So when I last posted the mandala was up too here and I was wondering about how to display it maybe a cushion, but I had fallen a little bit love with all the hula hoop mandala's that were about last year and so just had to have a go myself.

So  in order to fit in a hoop I needed to grow my mandala on a little bit, for the first part of the mandala I used  this pattern  but for the last few rounds I just winged it.

So I added a pale pink sparkle row, to represent frost on blossom followed by pale blues skies, blues skies and pink blossom really are a wonderful combination.
I then added a few more blue bells 
before my final round in  stylecraft special dk  Aspen.

I'm really loving the colours, as my mandala grew I kept measuring it up against the small hula hoop I bought, until it was big enough yippee.
The next problem was how to fix the mandala into the hoop ???

Thankfully Lucy over at Attic24 came to my rescue here as she has shared a wonderful tutorial showing just that, you can find it 'here'

 So following along with Lucy's tutorial I made a double outer round to secure my mandala, then it was just a matter of stitching it into the hoop.

 I was feeling poorly at the time so my lovely sister kindly stepped in at this point and stitched my mandala into the hoop as I was struggling to hold the hoop with my achy noodle arms.


One Woodland themed Mandala.
How the colours make my heart sing, my mandala is mostly made from stylecraft special DK with a bit of added sparkle yarn and is currently to be found hanging out on the library wall.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. What a wonderful job! I had not seen these before, and I think they are fantastic. Beautiful colors!!

  2. It's beautiful Clare! Just lovely.

  3. What a beautiful piece of crochet for everyone to see, I am glad you have it somewhere for it to be of inspiration to others. Jo x

  4. Claire it looks really fabulous. I just love it. I wonder what it would look like hung in a tree turning in the breeze?