Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Fox and the Hare

Hello............ It's been a bit hectic here at the Summerhouse as I'm desperately trying to get some items made for our craft clubs annual exhibition which is due to start next week, yes I've had a whole year to make stuff but lets face it I've just been too poorly to get much completed over the last 12 months.

I had so many plans but hey ho it's all ended up a bit last minute, I'm still really struggling, with a relapse and what the Dr suspects is neuralgia, so far with my other conditions finding a pain medication I can have is proving tricky, it's been eight weeks now and I've just about had enough of it.

Any road today I thought I'd share with you these felt creatures I've been slowly making up, to fit the Woodland theme of the exhibition, they came as part of a kit with Crafts Beautiful magazine, some time ago.

So recently I've spent some time cutting out the felt pieces 

and assembling my little fox


I couldn't resist giving him some sparkly eyes.

I then went on to make this little stitchy Hare, I'm hoping to complete this set of woodland hanging decorations with a red squirrel and a deer but I'll just have to see how I go with my energy levels so low at the moment.

Happy Crafting
Clare xx

PS If anyone has any alternative/natural remedies for treating neuralgia I'd love to hear them.


  1. Sorry to hear you have had a relapse, hopefully you will have some relief soon. Love the fox and hare, a real delight.

  2. Such a sweet fox and hare. I love them! I'm so sorry you've had a relapse. I understand down time, believe me! It can be frustrating, but our crafts are our lifesavers aren't they?

  3. A lovely bit of sewing but such a shame on the pain management. Jo x