Thursday, 30 March 2017

Crocus Love

Hello........... This year the Crocuses have been just fabulous here at the Summerhouse, they may have come up a little later than usual, but boy have they been beautiful.

It all started with just one or two, the cream and white kind always seem to come up first.

Then we had the clumping together kind

of some many lovely colours.

The dainty kind

that seem almost ethereal

just look at the colours when they open up to the sun, so magical.

We've also had the growing up through the grass under the tree kind, 

Lovely to see them popping they're heads up through the grass

and just look at those stripes.

Don't you just love the stripy kind? ............

Me well, I love them all

Clare xx


  1. Oh my goodness! The purple and yellow together are stunning. Nothing is growing here yet. I'm SO ready for spring this year.

  2. They're so pretty and it's so good to know summer isn't too far away xx

  3. You have such a sharp focus for those stripes, I love them too. Jo x