Thursday, 16 February 2017

Patchwork January

Hello........... Here's a little Summerhouse round up from January, seems like an age ago now.

I'm afraid January here at the Summerhouse was mostly viewed from my comfy bed, I've been really poorly since Christmas with a relapse, the lurgy and then a horrible new symptom affecting the nerves in my face and head, so painful.  I did try and keep crafting, it's my escape after all !! and managed to leave the house only three time the entire month.  So I'm hoping things will start improving soon.

Over on Instagram the month of January looked like this......

As for the Summerhouse garden I didn't really make it out there much, but not a lot was going on as it's been so cold it was lovely to see the visiting woodpecker though. Everything is behind not even a crocus to be seen, one of the very few times I ventured outside I managed to have a fall oops, slipping on route to the summerhouse, one muddy Clare my own fault as I was really to poorly to be out there.

This year I've decide to add a new mosaic to each of the patchwork posts, it's going to be all about WIP's (works in progress) that I hope to finish or get back to in the next month, here we have my Angel wings shawl, Rainbow drops blanket, Seaside pebble blanket and my Purple leave cushion which has recently had it's ta-dah moment

Well that just about sums up January, the sun is shining here today at the summerhouse and I ever hopeful for Spring being on the way.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. You have such beautiful photos today Claire. I love your blanket in progress. The colors are perfect. I'm so sorry to hear you're still unwell. I've only left the house twice in the last month over here on the side of the ocean. So I do understand. However, we're still buried in snow so it feels nice and cozy inside.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. I am sorry to hear that you have a relapse and are unwell once again. Hopefully things will improve. Love the projects you are working on.

  3. poor you.I had the dreaded lurgy a couple of weeks ago and it totally wiped me out for three days,no energy,sleeping all the time etc ,so I can imagine what it is like for you all the time.If only someone could find an answer and get you better again.