Sunday, 15 January 2017

January Cards

Hello and a very Happy New Year to everyone out in blogland.  It's not been the best start to the year here at the Summerhouse as I've had the dreaded lurgy since Christmas and so far I don't seem to be feeling any better, I think it's a sinus type thing as I've had the most awful head pain, which has really wiped me out and kicked off a flare up of my ME/Lyme disease.

But hey ho life goes on and January just seems to have so many birthdays in it?  As I've not been well enough to go out, there was no option but to make some cards.

Energy levels low I decided to make up some card kits I had.

layering up with foam pads to make a 3D effect

and of course I couldn't resist adding some sparkle.

 Card number one, some happy post for a friend.

I also did some foam pad layering to make up this card.



and finally I made this card, using papers from the same kit.

Now as for the blog I've been wondering recently whether to keep going with it or not,  as last year my posting was not very regular and as my health declines it's becoming harder to keep it up and it so much easier and quicker to use instagram !!

I've thought about having a break for a while but I do like to share my makes with you, so I think what I'm going to do is post as and when I have something to share and see how that goes, not putting any pressure on myself to post regularly. I was Hopeful that I was coming out of the relapse that lasted all of last year but now with this lurgy who knows.  

I will hopefully have another post for you soon as I've recently finished off the Wrist warmers I started making last summer. 

Until then......

Happy Crafting 

Clare xx


  1. Claire so sorry to hear you are once again not well, hopefully this relapse will not be too long. Love your cards they are so pretty. Take care.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. You have made some very pretty cards.

  3. It's always nice to hear from you! I hope that 2017 is the year of healing for you.
    The cards are just gorgeous. I love the way you layer.

  4. Claire, so nice you will continue blogging when you can. I am not on Instagram so this is the only way I can keep up with you. Wishing you much better ehalth in 2017.

  5. Wow! Your cards are beautiful, Clare! I look forward to reading your posts as you are able to publish them and I continue to wish you well. xx

  6. I hope you are soon feeling better. Please know that we will be here when you are able to post. Even though I do see your posts on IG, it's nice to see you here in your own space too. I love your cards and I'm sure the recipients will be so happy to see the cards that you made. They are so special.

  7. Oh dear. Don't leave blogland because of the lurgy. I don't do instagram - I love to read blogposts. Wishing you a better health as the days turn longer.

  8. Your cards are beautiful. I am sorry to hear that you have been ill again, I do hope that things will pick up for you in 2017. Having been through some difficult blogging times and dilemmas myself, I think that I can honestly say that you need to do what is right for you and that your followers and readers will still be there no matter what. Your readers might not totally know your own situation, but they do understand and will still support you. So I hope you will feel able to blog as and when and that you will still be around as I would miss you, but know that I will still be here, however infrequently you post! Hugs to you.

  9. I hope you do keep the blog going, as I love your posts, but i totally get how time consuming and draining it can be keeping it up to date (not very good at that myself). Love your cards, you've reminded me that I wanted to try and make all the cards I send this year, luckily there are no birthdays in Jan so I don't have to panic yet! xxx