Monday, 23 January 2017

Wrist Warmers Ta-Dah

Hello......... It's time for a long awaited Ta-dah today, I started making these wrist warmers here 
way back in the summer and I guess I was right to start early as it has taken me a quite while to get them finished.

They are made with this gorgeous yarn by Louisa Harding which is so soft and has slightest glimmer of golden sparkle to it, ( you know me and sparkle I just can't resist) the pattern is from 'here' 
you can find more details in my original post.

So I made up the first glove with ease following along with the pattern, I did have to make a bit of a adaption towards the end of the pattern as I have tiny hands but other than that things were going great...........

Until glove number two that is, I'm not sure what when wrong, but I got myself in a bit of a pickle and had to frog the entire glove.  I think part of the problem was I was following a written pattern and with the cognitive symptoms that I suffer with from the ME/Lyme disease it's never easy. 

So this happened............

Then this...........

Until I had to start yet again from scratch, you have no idea how frustrating it can be when you have one completed glove mocking you, saying ' you can do it, as you made me' grrr

Any road not being one to quit, I started again, counting and checking constantly.

and it all started to come together, as I mentioned earlier I stopped following the pattern at thumb row 5 otherwise they would have been way to big for me, so instead I finished off with two rows of double crochet before stitching the thumb hole in place


and in the nick of time as it's been so cold here at the Summerhouse and my POTS (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome) medication means that my hands are always freezing cold.

So they were ready just in time, next came me trying to take a pic of the finished gloves, not easy too manage a hands free selfie.

So instead here's a pic my nephew took for me. 

They really are super soft snuggily and warm.

I think I may enter them in out craft club exhibition under the 'fairy theme' as I'm sure no self respecting fairy would ever consider attending the frosty snow ball without a pair of fine woollen gloves with added sparkle.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx

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  1. So pretty! I've been watching your progress on Instagram and have so enjoyed watching you make them.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. They are lovely and finished just in time for this cold snap we are having.

  3. Those are truly beautiful. I know that frogging feeling -- it is SO frustrating. I'm glad you stuck it out. They are worth it.

  4. Beautiful!! The yarn looks lovely, and so do the finished warmers. Hope they keep your hands cosy. I can sympathise on the taking of hand selfies, it is very hard to do isn't it!

  5. They look nice and cosy. The colour should go with everything too!

  6. Hey, well done they look fabulous and I am looking for end skein projects so this is inspirational. Jo x

  7. The gloves are beautiful, nothing more frustrating than finishing part one and having to redo part two but worth the effort in the end.

  8. Oh they are pretty - and I'm so pleased you battled through your second mitten syndrome, you must have a real feeling of accomplishment :)

  9. Pretty and practical, Clare. Bravo, and thanks for letting us admire them! xx