Friday, 16 December 2016

Twinkle little Star trinket box

Hello............ A few weeks ago, some friends and I went for another fun afternoon of ceramics painting.

  This was our second visit to the Ceramics Cafe, on the first visit I painted the above yarn bowl, which you can read more about

So the big question was what to paint this time, I've been doing lots of meditation lately and I asked the question what should I paint ? and this was image I received in my minds eye, not really sure what it is???  maybe a planet, but I loved the gentles colours and tones.

When we got to the cafe I fell in love with this little star trinket box and set about painting my image onto it, stars, planets there seemed to be a bit of a theme.  

I then had to choose how to decorate the inside of my little star and opted for some yellow to tie it all together. Then the patient bit comes where you have to wait a few days for the ceramics to be glazed and fired, wondering how thing are going to turn out ???????


Here it is.........

and here's a little peak inside the star.

Yay I'm looking forward to using my little star pot.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Such a pretty little box. You did a beautiful job. I do love the yarn bowl and remember reading about it when you made it. So pretty.

  2. Your planet in the stars pot is a sweet reflection of your creative spot in the universe, Clare. Thanks for posting! xx

  3. A beautiful creation, they are fun places to go aren't they?

  4. Love your star box Claire. Very fun!