Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Patchwork September

Hello............. It's patchwork time again,  sorry I've been a little absent from my blog these past few months, I've been struggling with my health, so there has not really been that much of note to tell plus I have to confess with low energy levels instagram has been distracting me a little, so if you like you can follow the blogs page over on Instagram.

September was a month of crochet, art, crystals music oh and a giant ice cream yes a local farm has opened a ice cream parlour just down the road, so it would have been rude not to go and check it out.  As for the crochet I've been working on some WIP's so hopefully I will have a Ta-Dah post to share soon.

Out in the garden Summer was still going strong, we had such lovely warm sunny days in September such a lovely end to summer.

So for October I'm already behind with this but I hoping to try and post once a week.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. I enjoyed your photos today. I've been on Instagram more too since blogger has been acting up for me.

  2. The flower mosaic was beautiful, we are all out of flowers now in our garden. Happy crafting Jo x

  3. Your photos are so nice to look at ♥