Thursday, 20 October 2016

Sparkly Flower Cowl Ta-Dah

Hello........... exciting stuff here today I have a Ta-dah moment to share with you and this make harks back all the way to the summer of 2014 'here' , yes it's a oldie but hopefully a goodie.

It all began when I fell in love with this yarn, the colour the sparkle it was just perfect, the only problem was I had no idea what to make with it, you know one of those impulse buys I confess I came down with a case of the wanties.

I then discovered Emma's  pretty flat flower pattern, I knew it was just the thing.

So the flower making began, in the beginning I was thinking scarf or shawl, but in the end I decided to go for a cowl. Once all the flowers were make it was time to start assembly

and the slow process of stitching all the flowers together began, despite all the sparkle and the yummy colours this took some time and for months this make just sat in my craft basket waiting for me to get around to finishing it off.

So over the last couple of months this has been my mobile make, it's been to craft club and also to a  craft group run at the local pub.  It's been the perfect thing to take along, plus chatting with friends seemed to make all the sewing together so much easier.

I fell back in love with the yarn again, how I love the pretty colours and well you know me and sparkle....

I finished it yesterday at craft group.


Just in time for cold weather.....
Happy Crafting
Clare xx

That's one WIP ticked off the list ..........


  1. This is lovely. I also have some sparkly yarn that I bought for 'something'. Can you put a pattern for the flower in the post or below. ta

  2. Hi there is a link to Emma's blog where the pattern can be found in the post X

  3. This is so pretty! I love the delicate flowers and the yarn is just right for it. Beautiful!

  4. Such a pretty cowl and perfect for the season. The yarn is a delight with the sparkle.

  5. Nice sparkly yarn. The sewing together part doesn't sound like fun as my sewing skills are pretty weak. Yay for finishing! Have a good weekend.

  6. I love it Clare, you did a re great job. I love the sparkly yarn.

  7. I remember when you made those flowers. This looks wonderful x