Thursday, 14 July 2016

Rainbow Drops Blanket

Hello.......... I've only gone and done it again, yes I've started yet another blanket even though I'm still yet to finished one.

In my defence, it's because of this stunning yarn from 'Three Violet Buttons' that I received as a birthday gift last year, I've been saving it since then for the perfect project originally I was thinking poncho or shawl, but in the end I opted for a small lap blanket that I can use when I'm out in the wheelchair.

The yarn is called ' Pretty Pumpkin' and is the softest merino, at first the colours kept reminding me of refresher sweets, until my friend 'M' at craft club the other day said no the colours are like 'Rainbow drops' do you remember them, the coloured popcorn like treat.

I spent a lot of time agonising over what colour to put with this pretty yarn, cream or beige but in the end I opted for this silver colour, it's also a merino yarn Super Soft Lana Gatto in Mercury.

I started off my soon to be giant granny square with a few rounds of silver

and then it was onto the wonderful colour, in such pretty sweetie tones.

In order to really see the beautiful colour changes I'm spacing each colour row, with two of the silver to really make the colour pop, well hopefully that's whats happening.

The rounds of repetitive trebles are a little bit addictive and it's easy to get lost in them while watching tv or listening to music.

So much so my blanket is growing fast, it is however quite yarn hungry and I have already got through three balls of the silver and have just had to order some more.

I'm hoping to make the colourful yarn go as far as possible so I'm now starting to add additional rows of the silver between the colour rows, so that the colour gradually fades out across the blanket, I'm  making the design up as I go so fingers crossed this works out and looks ok, only time will tell.

So here's where I'm up to so far......... 

How I'm loving the colours pink, purple, orange, green then pink again how it's makes my heart sing and hopefully the silver is the perfect backdrop to balance out all that wonderful colour.

Happy crafting

Clare xx


  1. That. Is. Stunning. I love the silver with your colorful yarn. I think it will be the perfect lap robe for you. Yes, I have found that crocheting is indeed a yarn gobbler. When I began knitting I realized that my yarn stretched much further. However, I still love my crochet hook! :-)

  2. Such pretty yarn Clare! The blanket looks so lovely and soft - perfect for covering your legs when out and about!

  3. Merino is so soft. I love it too, and I enjoy seeing how your are using your pretty colors, Clare. You are making good progress! xx

  4. that is lovely and you have done so much already.Crochet blankets are greedy though.I. Usually find I am running short of yarn so order some more,have some left,start a different blanket,run out etc etc and so it goes on!!!

  5. What a great design and a great way to make your rainbow yarn go a long way. Definitely continue adding more grey between each colour run it will make a great optical illusion. Jo x

  6. That will be lovely to wear on outings. I love the way you describe it as "hungry." I've heard crochet is like that.

  7. I love the idea of mixing variegated with solid colour for a blanket! That is such a beautiful colourway too :) looking forward to seeing the finished project! X

  8. I love the colors CLaire, it is going to be wonderful.

  9. Stunning yarn! It looks great already and hope there will be lots of cuddly hours with the blanket!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  10. Beautiful. Lovely colours. :)

  11. Beautiful. Lovely colours. :)