Thursday, 28 July 2016

Patchwork June

Hello............. Sorry for disappearing off again, I'm just not sure where the time is going at the moment and as always there is not much spare energy for getting things done around here.

Any road, let's do a little bit of catching up with some patchworks from June, it all seems so long ago now.  Looking back there was a fair amount of crochet in June, granny squares a mandala and some crocheted coasters I made as a little yarny gift, you can read more about these makes over in Junes blog archive if you want too.

There was also some dodgy health stuff, that left me feeling very tired, but I did make it out to visit a local castle gardens and of course the knicker bunting went up in the local library !!!

Out in the garden it was roses galore, how I love it when they all start to bloom, plus the summer bedding, and some new fuchsias for the wall planters, despite it being such a mild winter we lost all but one of the fuchsias we had over the winter, not quite sure why as they have been happily flowering away on the wall for many a year !!!

Well that's about it for now.......... Hopefully I'll be back soon with another post.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Love all of your flowers and crochet and I really like your hanging lantern. It's good to see you back in blogland.

  2. Beautiful mosaics, impressive looking crochet and flowers.

  3. Love seeing lovely smiling face in the midst of projects and pretty flowers, Clare! xx