Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Crocheted Heart Card

Hello....... A couple of weeks ago, two of my good friends got married, so I decided to make them a wedding card.

After a bit of pondering I decided that yarny hearts were the only way to go, I wanted to make a little charm that could be removed from the card and then perhaps used as a Christmas decoration, to remember the day.  

So off I went to cyberspace in search of the perfect heart, I found the pattern for the above heart 'here' and as it turned out it was the perfect size for my card.

I also made this little cutie, using Lucy over at Attic24 tweeny tiny heart pattern, at first my plan was to used both hearts on the card, but in the end it just looked a little bulky, as you can see I crocheted both my hearts in twinkle sparkly yarn, in silver and a silver/blue.

and you know what I'm like for a bit of sparkle !!! I just couldn't resist blinging them up a bit.

For the larger silver heart I made a little charm, threading beads, sequins, and gems onto a piece of crochet cotton, before securing it by

stitching it in place on the heart, I also threaded a couple of beads onto the hanging thread.

I then found this pretty silver doily in my stash and went about blinging that up too, with pearls and sparkles

As I mentioned earlier I wanted the heart to be detachable, so it could be used as a decoration, so I simply attached it to the card with a sticky spot.

I wanted to make my card look a little rustic, so I used a plain cardboard blank and added some larger pearl to the corner, before adding a greeting to help hold the hanging threads in place.


One handmade yarny wedding card with added sparkle.

Sorry I've not been around much recently I've been struggling with my energy levels again,  I did however have a wonderful time celebrating at the wedding party.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. What a lovely idea.When we go away we try to bring something back that we can hang on our Xmas tree.In the middle of winter it is good to rekindle some holiday memories.I am sure the happy couple were thrilled with your card.

  2. I was glad to see a post from you. I was getting worried! I hope your energy level recovers soon.
    What a beautiful card. You are so thoughtful!

  3. It is very pretty! I am sure that your friends will treasure it a great deal! xx

  4. Beautiful, loved the idea of it been detachable for further use. Hope your energy levels pick up a little. Take care.

  5. So cute. I love the idea of a reusable embellishment! I hope you soon feel a bit better. Xx

  6. So cute. I love the idea of a reusable embellishment! I hope you soon feel a bit better. Xx

  7. I'd say it was the nicest card they received. Well done!