Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Stitching Spring Flowers ( part one )

Hello....... Now I've only ever done a tiny bit of embroidery in the past but as part of the group project for our local craft club exhibition we were all give a 12inch square piece of fabric and allocated a season, that we had to represent in anyway we choose.

I was very happy to be given Spring, well you know me and flowers, I love love love them, so really my square just had to be all about Spring flowers, how I love the colours of Spring,  it was a toss up between something cherry blossom based or a all out multicoloured spring flower extravaganza.

In end I just had to go with the latter.

As I said, I'm quite new to embroidery in fact I've only ever stitched this one little tree, which you can read more about here 

So to say I was a little worry about how it would go, is a bit of a under exaggeration, you see, I was given my fabric square back in the Summer and I've been putting it off since then, it was only at the beginning of January, when I discovered the exhibition is on at the end of February that I had no choose but to get on with it.

So first of all I sketched out a rough design, now I think if you are professional at this embroidery malarkey, you are then supposed to transfer that onto the fabric as I guide to stitch too.

Well I didn't really do that part, I went for a much more organic approach and just started to stitch.

Doodling away with floss and needle, you see the bit I like most of all about embroidery are the pretty coloured threads, they just make my heart sing.

So first up I stitched a lavender, with split stitch for the stalk.

Next up I added a pretty snowdrop, obviously I wanted to run before I could walk with this new hobby so I hopped over to you tube and watched a few clips on ribbon embroidery.

What's not to love pretty floss and ribbons, soon I had something that hopefully looked like a snowdrop.

So I just kept doodling away, it's like drawing with thread, how I love the colours and how by adding a few stitches I could represent Spring flowers, (hopefully) orange crocus, forget me nots, yellow celandine's, then I just couldn't resist adding a bit of sparkle, with sequins and pearls.

So over the last few weeks I been stitching away, adding flowers and learning stitches like the lazy daisy. It didn't all go to plan though, you see the purple Iris top right, well......... that started out and was meant to be a daisy !! but I managed to salvage it by turning it into a Iris (hopefully)

In the end I liked the Iris so much that I added another couple, so that's where I'm up too, I'm stitching and I'm loving it, ssh don't tell the crochet hooks.

Just before I go I wanted to saying thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post, as you know my energy levels are very limited so I don't really get around to replying to the comments but I do love to read them all and they are very much appreciated.

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Clare xx


  1. This is so very pretty!! And it looks like a lol of fun, too!

  2. It's such a pretty make, well done x

  3. I love it! I embroidered a little as a child..pillow cases etc but just recently, as an adult, want to learn actual stitches and practice. I love embroidery!

  4. OH the Snowdrops!!! Love them!

  5. That is so pretty! I can't believe you're brave enough to just do it without sketching it onto the cloth. Mine would never look that beautiful if I tried that.
    Blessings, Betsy

  6. A beautiful project, not sure that I would be able to do that without sketching it out.

  7. I am so impressed. I've embroidered for years and I've never been brave enough to "doodle" freehand like that. The result is amazing!

  8. It's soooo pretty! I especially love the snowdrops,meet those ribbon petals were fiddly, but oh so worth it :)

  9. So beautiful! I dabbled with embroidery but need to learn a lot more before I could make anything like this! I hope you can stop by:



  10. That is so lovely! I am learning to embroider with my daughter, since I was placed as an assistant in the embroidery class for some reason (I think because I knit, so they thought I could). There were enough supplies for me to try my hand at it and I'm really enjoying it. I'd love to get better and make progress.

  11. What a pretty thread garden you are growing in the middle of winter, Clare! I love the unique elements you are adding with sequins and pearls, etc., and best of all you are enjoying your stitching adventure :) Wishing you good days! xx

  12. Really lovely, I like how you just let your flower garden grow as it were :) super pretty x

  13. Really lovely, I like how you just let your flower garden grow as it were :) super pretty x

  14. WOW! It is fabulous!!! I adore, adore, adore! the snowdrops especially!! xx

  15. It does not surprise me at all that you are fantastic at stitching, I love your tribute to Spring.

  16. Absolutely lovely! I've been reading on your earlier posts how you went about creating your pretty design of flowers as I would like to do some free embroidery myself. I love the 3D effect especially the snowdrops. The display at the library will look beautiful and give a lot of pleasure.