Friday, 15 January 2016

2015 in the Summerhouse garden













Hello............ This post is a bit of a feast for the eyes, all that colour I've loved putting it together, seeing how the garden changes over the months and with it the colours change too.  

The poor garden has been rather neglected over the past few years, but nature seems to be thriving on the neglect, especially the weeds, which I selectively choose not to photograph.

I noticed from the photo's that one of my favourite flowers (ssh don't tell the others,) has been flowering away for seven months of the year, lovely Anemones, just a little pot of them on the patio, that has brought me so much joy, flowering in every season of 2015.

 Have a wonderful weekend

Clare xxx


  1. Such beauty, it certainly was a feast for the eyes. Take care.

  2. What a beautiful sight for my eyes today. Outside my window there's nothing but frost and snow and so the flowers are especially welcome to me with all that color. Thank you so much! Blessings, Betsy

  3. Indeed, a beautiful feast for the eyes in the cold winter! xx

  4. Dear Clare,

    Hello from my little country village in Belgium :))

    I'm new to your lovely blog, as I was Lucky enough to discover it through Lucy, at Attic24. Actually, I'm planning a new crochet blanket, and I was quite tempted to make one of her lovely patterns... and then I stumbled upon a picture of YOUR "Seaside Blanket", and the gorgeous colors you used ! My last blanket is very colourful (hence the name I gave it : "The Gipsy Granny"). Now I wanted something calmer in tones and your blanket is exactly the feeling I was looking for : sweet, soothing AND sparkling . So I was totally caught, and have already ordered the yarn. Cant wait starting with this new gem :))

    THANK YOU so much for the inspiration, dear Clare, and for this lovely calendar post, too. It's beautiful. I will certainly come back soon...

    In stitches,

  5. Such a wonderful & bright selection of photos, I'm looking forward to the warmer days of summer now x

  6. Beautiful! I look forward to seeing them all again soon. :-)

  7. The photos are beautiful, they would make a lovely calendar. x

  8. I do love your mosaics, how do you get so much colour every much of the year!

  9. I am just amazed at all the beauty in one garden. Someday I'm going to live in a house that is not fully shaded. How wonderful to have such flowers in your own yard!