Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Patchwork October

It's patchwork time again....

October was a mixed month here at the Summerhouse my health has taken a quite a nosedive so I've been struggling lots over the last few weeks, we also lost out lovely Dylan, who used to make life so much better, with his funny antics and cuddles.  Not a awful lot of crafting really but I did finished off my ice cream cushion, plus make some cards, as well as some top secret Christmas crafting. 

There has been lots of thinking and planning to do though, about a exciting project.  As some of you know I'm a folk singer/song writer and the plan was that this November I was going into the studio to record a EP.  Very exciting, so over the past few weeks I've been trying to select which songs to record, which is quite a tricky business, decisions decisions.  Sadly with my health in a full on flare, the recording date has had to be postponed at the moment as I'm struggling to even lift the guitar, but at least that gives me more time to decide on the songs.   So I'll keep you posted just need to get my joint pain under control and find some energy.

Out in the Summerhouse garden there is still lots of colour to be seen, as the Autumn so far has been so mild, yippee!!

Over on Instagram the month of October looked something like this, you can find my instagram page 'here'

So a sad farewell to our lovely crafting assistant, I'm really missing Dylan, it's so strange to have a house without any fur people in, since I was eight year old there has always been a cat or two around so losing both Merlin and Dylan in the last six months has been very hard.  They both lived good lives to grand old ages but are surely missed around the Summerhouse.

Now as for the Blog award and paying it forward, I've not forgotten, but I've just not been well enough to do it, I think this time reluctantly  I have decided not to forward on the award.  I'm just feeling too ill to cope with anything much at the moment.  So a big thank you to Sharon for nominating me and a bigger sorry for not being able to pay it forward.

Pesky Chronic illness, I'm hoping things will start to improve again soon for me as the dosage of my Lyme disease medication has been put back up. It was reduced on a consultants say so a couple of months ago, as the NHS would have you believe that there is no such things as Chronic Lyme disease and that it certainly doesn't need treatment. However my health falling to pieces seems to suggest it does exist (or least that I'm fighting some sort of infection that is effecting every part of my body and that this is not purely ME/CFS)   the treatment I was receiving before was at least holding it at bay.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. I'm sorry your health has taken such a turn for the worse and I do hope it improves soon so that you can get into the studio and do what you love to do. Take care. x

  2. So sorry to hear that you have not been so well again and about Dylan too. I do hope that the change in meds brings some improvement and that you will one day be able to have another kitty to keep you company as I am sure that pets are great therapy. Hugs to you. xx

  3. Oh I'm sorry you've been struggling and I hope you feel more energised soon. Your month in crafting looks absolutely beautiful though :)

  4. Really sorry to hear your struggling with your health at present and hope the new medication helps you to feel stronger soon. So sorry to hear about your baby Dylan passing big hugs to you. Lovely patchworks its nice seeing photos this way. Take lots of care and hope its not long until your in the studio recording :-) dee x

  5. Oh Clare, you don't need to apologise about not forwarding the award, I was just pleased to recognise you. You are so inspiring, you keep so cheerful through everything your illness throws at you. I really do hope the increase in meds helps you and very very soon!! I love your mosaics, they are always so bright and cheery. Take care, sending gentle hugs! Sharon x

  6. you cope so well with all these awful things that life throws at you.Hope you pick up again soon now the meds have increased.
    I posted my snowflakes off this morning to Homestart.I really enjoyed this fun project.

    1. I popped my snowflakes in the post today too :) xx

  7. I am so sorry to hear that you have been struggling with your health. I admire the way you just keep going, keeping your spirits up. What a terrible time to lose a loved companion, too. I hope that things are about to turn around for you!

    It's discouraging to hear that NHS isn't serving you well. Here in the States, we envy those of you with government health programs -- and I don't like to hear that NHS is deteriorating. I'd like to think there is an answer!

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  9. I'm sorry for the loss of your cats. Animals bring so much joy and comfort x