Saturday, 14 November 2015

Hearts for Unicef

Hello......... Today I'm going to tell you a tale about a sleepy seaside town who's people decided they wanted to do something to help, something small but something none the less.

That town, is the town where I live, so a week or so ago there was a article in the local paper asking people if they would like to join in and make a heart, that could be sold in the some of the shops and cafes of the town, to raise funds to help UNICEF, help the people and children of the Syria.

So I mentioned this to the members of our local craft club and also to the Chronic Illness support group I'm a member of and on Wednesday, the lovely lady who runs both groups, gave us all some die cut felt hearts, so we could all do a little bit to help.

I was very excited to discover that there were glitter felt hearts and brought my hearts home my mind abuzz with ideas.

So I raided the Christmas craft supplies in the Summerhouse for glitter snowflakes, beads and sequins and had me some heart felt fun!!!

After I'd come up with the design for my hearts

I just used some pva glue to stick them onto the felt. Snowflakes and flowers whats not to love, it was a little fiddly sticking on the smaller beads but a pair of craft tweezers made it much easier.

Then I  blanketed stitched my hearts together using some pretty floss, adding some stuffing and a ribbon for it to hang by.

Ta Dah

Here's the back of the first heart, I decided to leave it plain as the glitter felt was so pretty already.

Here's the purple one with pearls, silver glitter snowflake and lilac flower.

Here's the back with white glitter felt and snowflake sequins with added pink gem centres, hopefully these little hearts with spread some Christmas cheer and raise some money for a very good cause and most improtantly help some people along the way.

Now last night, after the terrible events in Paris, I looked at my little hearts and felt how futile it seemed to be making hearts and crocheting snowflakes for charities, such a small thing to be doing in what is becoming such a wicked world but then I thought again, as these small things are all I can do, stuck here in bed struggling with a Chronic illness, but they are something...........

So I really hope that the small gesture,of a small seaside town making it's hearts, is a sign that there is still hope and goodness in this world and we can all be the change we want to see.

If my energy levels allow I'm hoping to go to one of the local heart making workshops next week, so I'll keep you posted fingers crossed I make it.

Happy Crafting
Clare xx


  1. I love your pretty little hearts Claire. If more people had a heart like yours, the wickedness like we saw in Paris yesterday would never of happened. Who knows where those hearts you make will end up. It may just be the catalyst someone needs to make them do a kind gesture . And then the person who sees them do that could be influenced to have another kind gesture. You may just have gotten the ball rolling with your little hearts!
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. I think you are doing something great by blogging about your charity projects.You are sending out ripples.I bet lots of people made snowflakes and sent them to Homestart.(see mine on my blog) after reading about it.I love your hearts and hope you are well enough to go next week.Keep the blogs coming!!

  3. hi clare...such beautiful hearts...every contribution is important...we hope and pray for wise and strong leaders to combat world-wide atrocities...i sometimes feel so weak and unimportant, however, i continue to learn and offer my small bits ...take care...sally

  4. Ahh, these are lovely decorations - my friend stuffed one with cinnamon for me one year and it was easily my favourite decoration on the tree!

  5. Making hearts makes for good karma. You are doing something that is good for the world!
    I want to raid your supplies -- so many goodies for your hearts.
    I hope you are up to going to a workshop!

  6. Such a wonderful gesture. They really are a beautiful thing to get together and do. Hope you are well enough to attend the workshop. My prayers are with those affected in Paris.

  7. Your hearts are beautiful and no matter how small the gesture, it all adds up and all counts and you are making a difference. I don't know what to say about Paris, so sad and so terrible. xx

  8. How wonderful - a great way to craft and give to others. Love Jo

  9. You've made a beautiful gesture of love and compassion, Clare. Every little bit we do helps someone. Your hearts are beautiful and they will be appreciated.

  10. Everything good in this world begins with a little gesture, Clare, and you are contributing something wonderful in these dark times with these pretty hearts. Good for you.

  11. These hearts are wonderful and such a sweet idea. If we all take some small steps and add just a little love this world still has a chance to turn around and become good for all people.

  12. The hearts are so beautiful, I wan to buy some. It's so tragic what happened in Paris and very frightening. I think what you are doing is perfect. To make some pretty and affordable for someone to buy and that money goes to help innocent Syrian's that so desperately need our help.

  13. What a truly lovely idea - I hope your town really appreciates them :)