Friday, 18 September 2015

Patchwork August

Hello......... I know I'm so late with this one, but here are the patchworks for August.

A month full of holidays and crafting and lots of rain, with a ankle disaster at the very end.  I crafted on beaches, in cottages at home and in the garden.  Lots of old WIP's got a airing, all in all a pretty good month if you ignore the bit at the end.

Out in the garden it's been pretty wet but the Flowers are looking lovely apart from the sweet peas which have been a bit of a disappointment this year, out of 40 plants (two separate lots)  I've only had 3 flowers, I've never had trouble growing them before so I'm putting down to the weather.

As for my Seaside Pebble blanket well I've been working away on big cosy over the summer and had a bit of a photo shoot out in the garden a couple of weeks ago.  I have to confess things have slowed down a little lately as I've been somewhat distracted by my 'Broken Ankle Blanket' 

Here are the colours to get you up to date if you are following along.

97-98 Mocha
99-100 Cream
101-102 Silver Sparkle
103-104 White
105-106- Parchment
107-108 Sherbet
109-110 White Sparkle

As for the Broken Ankle blanket well, you can see why it's such a distraction I'm loving all the colour.  The ankle itself is not feeling so great, since it's been in the boot it completely ceased up again and the swelling is back, I'm finding it all so exhausting and my ME/Lyme's is flaring up under the extra physical demands of the boot and crutches.

I'm still experiencing some technical issues here at the Summerhouse, as a AVG update seems to have messed up the laptop, which is really annoying as all the photo's are on it. It's completely the wrong time for it to happen as life is such a struggle already at the moment I can only really get online if I'm out of bed and downstairs where the desktop is grrr which isn't too often

Any road I'll try my best to do a post once a week.
Hope life is treating you kind

Happy Crafting 
Clare x


  1. Such lovely mosaics Clare. i'm sorry things are so tough at the moment, I really hope that ankle soon heals and that you are able to regain strength again. Your blankets look lovely, the broken ankle blanket colours are just so happy. xx

  2. Your flower mosaic is beautiful, a feast for the eyes, delightful. Love the colours and formation fo the broken ankle blanket, stunning creation. Hers hoping you will be on the mend soon.

  3. Very much enjoying seeing your lovely blanket grow and as always the mosaics look so pretty and colourful. Feel better soon xxx

  4. Very much enjoying seeing your lovely blanket grow and as always the mosaics look so pretty and colourful. Feel better soon xxx

  5. You've certainly packed a lot in despite your injury. Beautiful flowers, so much colour xx

  6. It is so wonderful that in the midst of all your challenges you are creating so much beauty, Clare. I love your use of color in your mosaics and your blankets. Thanks for posting! Wishing you well xx

  7. Bless your heart Clare, and your ankle too. Wishing you speedy healing my friend.

  8. Beautiful mosaics. Your blankets is coming along wonderfully and I'm praying for you daily.

  9. Sorry to hear you are having tough times. Enjoy your blankets and try and cherish yourself a little if you can. Computers are enough to make anyone crazy aren't they! xx

  10. I love both your blankets. The colors in the new one are mesmerizing!
    I was glad to see a post from you. I am so sorry you are going through this with your ankle. When my leg was broken, I had a terrible time just resting. I didn't even get much knitting done. Hang in there; it will heal with time.

  11. I'm so sorry about your ankle, Clare. I broke mine several years back and surgery was required to put in screws, a metal plate and some pins. Now, there's never any pain at all and I get around just fine. I guess you need to keep yours elevated and perhaps iced. Beautiful photos.

  12. I'm sorry to hear about your broken ankle... foot injuries are so horrible to deal with, but especially when something is broken. I hope you recover soon and in the meantime both those blankets are lovely, so at least you've got that to look at! :)

  13. Your blankets are looking beautiful Clare and I love the pretty flower collage....x
    Best wishes for a speedy must be so frustrating for you ..
    Susan x