Friday, 4 September 2015

One of Many Faces

Hello............ On Sunday morning I sat in bed despairing at what has become of our world.
  For a many weeks now the news has been troubling me greatly, it's so heartbreaking and I have been feeling so very helpless in the face of it all.

I live in a corner of the UK that is nearer to France than London and on a good day Calais can be seen from the beach.  It breaks my heart to think of the conditions that human beings are expected to live in there and all across Europe.  I'm so very angry about it, that nothing is being done by the Conservative government in the UK, where lies there humanity and compassion.

Why are they not helping!!

So Sunday I wrote this song, from my comfy bed for I am one of the lucky ones.  I understand the current refugee crisis is a controversial problem, in Europe but aside from the politics and power when you boil it down it's one of human pain and suffering, people need help.

So here is what I wrote,

One of many Faces

Run, Stay float away, upon the evening tide
in the darkness of the night I know that danger lies
looking back on where I've been I knew I couldn't stay
so I hold my breath, say a prey and hope for better days

In a crowd you will find me I am one of many faces
every night you will see us there upon your tv screens
where the papers will tell you I'm a economic migrant
in truth I'm just a human being following a dream

Safe, Fed a nice warm bed the stuff of what I dream
but tonight I'll lay my head wherever I may be
was with a heavy heart I left my native land
for the peace was fractured there, more than anyone could stand


It's all a act of fate the place that we are born
A happy accident that your families safe and warm
but how it could have been that you were just as me
had to pack you life and family up, across dangerous waters flee


Dream, prey hope to stay, that they will let us in
for we are many now just waiting to begin
stranded here upon the shore, without a place to go
Surely they'll start listen soon those people in the know


In truth I'm just a human being following a dream....

Copywrite Clare Banks 2015

So the reason I'm am sharing this song here, well a friend asked if she could share it on her Facebook page, so I made a rough recording on my phone which I uploaded to Soundcloud you can find the link below if you want to have a listen.  I guess as a songwriter I am doing what I can, I've already signed a UK government petition,  but we can also help in a yarny way too, here knit for Peace are asking for clothes and blankets

Thanks for reading

Clare x


  1. Hi,
    I've just flicked over to you blog (from Small Things link) and read this - my first post of yours. I just wanted to say that I strongly agree. This situation is terrible and so concerning. Over here in Australia I am deeply ashamed of the way our PM is treating people seeking asylum too. I'm reminded of the quote - Burke once said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”

  2. I too have signed the petition - it's a disgrace quite frankly that we are not letting the refugees in. Very poignant song - thanks for sharing.

  3. Claire, it is indeed heartbreaking to see what is going on all over the world. The site of those in danger, just fleeing to try to have a better life is so heart wrenching. Your song is simply beautiful, very, very touching.

  4. Oh, Clare, this is just beautiful. I think you should get some musicians together and make a you-tube video. Music is so powerful!
    I have been following the refugee crisis, too, and I'm wondering why my government is not stepping up more! The United States is huge and has so much opportunity. At the same time, I am focused on the treatment of people of color and people of poverty here; most of my students fit into at least one of these categories. The rich just get richer ... it makes me so angry!

  5. It is all so sad, we have so much to be thankful for here but we need to make sure that doesn't make us forgot those whose lives are so much harder than ours. x

  6. Clare, I appreciate this song so much. You helped raise my awareness of the refugees from Syria. I am linking to this post in my latest post. Thanks for sharing! xx

  7. A lovely song. Such a terribly unjust thing when so many people have no place to go and are unwanted by so many.