Thursday, 3 September 2015

Ice Cream Cushion

 Hello.........  Today's post is going to be all about these scrummy ice cream squares

Everywhere I travelled this summer my little star work bag came along with me, the pretty granny squares, simple crochet to relax with when you are on the road.

 From coast to coast,  the beaches of Wales

To the sands of  Sunny Suffolk 

From Cottage garden

On Sunny Summer days

To Raining afternoons snuggled up on the Sofa

You could almost say these squares have the essence of Summer 2015 hooked into them and with less then 10 more to make you could say I'm getting a little bit excited.

So much so I couldn't resist playing around with the colours and layout the other afternoon, how I'm loving the gentle summer colours of my ice cream squares.  I'm dreading dealing with the ends, but I can't wait to start putting the cushion together just a few more squares to go, for this Summer project.

The book I carried with me this summer, The Group by Mary McCarthy
Linking up with yarn along
Happy Crafting
Clare xx


  1. Looking great! I love how each square has had a little journey of its own :) x

  2. Looks great, a cushion full of memories x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous colors!! I am working on an Afghan right now, my very first! But now I want to start another with the colors you have chosen!
    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend,

  4. That is a beautiful creation filled with lots of lovely memories, a real treasure.

  5. Love the pretty pastel colors, looking forward to seeing it done.

  6. First, love your project bag - so cute!
    Second, that is a wonderful combination of colors!
    Third, it's brilliant to have taken it about with you for the summer. Not only will you end up with something beautiful, but it will also hold so many memories - which makes it even better! :D Can't wait to see when it's done!

  7. Clare, I just scrolled back and caught up with your Wale's trip, crocheting along the way, and your loo roll flower post. I LOVED the photos you shared...all.of.them! The castle gardens were especially wonderful, and the ocean [always my favorite]. I was so happy you had access to a beach wheelchair. I took a walker with me and made it to the top of the sand dune, but did not dare to go down the other side to the hard wet sand. I hung out at the top of the dune and enjoyed the view from there. Sorry you got caught in the rain, though. The buildings you saw were truly awesome! I took my paints with me, too, but just managed to do a bit of crochet and knitting and some reading, but also had a great time :) I am sorry you have damaged your foot and hope it heals rapidly and that you are able to enjoy your many creative activities! xx

  8. Loving the colours of your squares when I ever I crochet a blanket it ends up traveling with me to so many memories tied up them I think its the same for many women :-) Enjoy making the last few I hate the ends I tend to do mine as I go each time I finish a square I sew in the ends it makes it easier for me. Look forward to seeing it when its all finished, dee :-) x

  9. I love the colors and I think that "ice cream" describes them very well. What a gorgeous blanket you'll have!

  10. What a great project to have taken along with you over the summer. When you look it in the future you will remember all the places that you made the different squares and look back with fondness I am sure!! xx

  11. I love the colours! Grannies are such great travelling companions (both the human and crochet kind!)

  12. Oh wow, don't they look gorgeous? Can't wait to see it finished.