Friday, 1 May 2015

May Day Basket

 Hello...... Last year we revived the tradition of May Day Baskets here at the Summerhouse, you can read all about it  here the basic idea is that you leave baskets of flowers at friends and families doors on May Day.

So this morning I went out into the Summerhouse garden and clipped some flowers for my basket, too be honest a lot of the Spring flowers and bulbs are starting to go over but we have plenty of lovely bluebells and Forget me Nots

I don't know very much about the meaning of flowers so I thought I'd look them up 

so this year we have

 Bluebells for Humility
Forget me Nots to Remember
Violets for Faithfulness
White Roses for Purity

This little basket of Springtime is destined for my lovely Mum. although I did share photo's of the basket on friends Facebook walls today, a very modern twist on a old tradition.

Happy May Day everyone.

Clare xx


  1. It is beautiful and a really lovely gift for your Mum!! xx

  2. Beautiful! The meanings are very interesting.

    - Audra from A Path to Create, Not Find ( )

  3. What a lovely little floral display!

  4. I love the meaning of the flowers, very sweet gesture.

  5. A lovely tradition! Your mom must be so pleased with her pretty basket.
    And I enjoyed learning the meaning for each flower.