Thursday, 9 April 2015

Patchwork March

Hello.......... I'm really behind with the patchwork for March, I'm struggling so much with my energy levels at the moment but at long last here it is

Lots of crochet and spring makes went to make up March with the garden waking up I started working on a few additional flowers to add to my Springtime Wreath, plus Big Cosy my seaside pebble blanket is back in town, now that the Baby version is complete.

Out in the garden things are pretty gorgeous at the moment, I love this time of year, all the wonderful Spring colours.

March was also the month of our local Craft Club exhibition, with themes of Egypt, Fantasia, Masks and the Owl and the Pussycat. I had planned on writing a post about the exhibition, but I've just not been well enough, so here's a little Patchwork instead of some the wonderful makes made by some talented crafters

So April's upon us and there are lots of plans afoot here at the Summerhouse as come the end of the month I'm going to celebrating a birthday with a zero eek. I just need to find some energy from somewhere and hope I'm well enough. 

Having been ill since I was a teenager, I guess I will be mostly celebrating actually making it to the big 40.  

Wishing you all a wonderful April

Happy Crafting

Clare xx



  1. A fabulous and interesting collection for March.

  2. Clare, I continue to admire your artistry... I love your photo mosaics! [I want to learn how to make them :) ] 24+ years your senior and having felt physically handicapped throughout my life I can especially appreciate that you will mostly be celebrating actually making it to the big 40. I certainly am glad that you are soon celebrating this milestone birthday! I am enjoying knowing you through your blog and I continue to be inspired not only by what you create, but that you continue to grow your creativity in spite of your illness. Wishing you well! xx

  3. Lovely, happy, colourful images:) Hope spring will bring you some energy:)

  4. A very cheerful collection! And just right for the season.

  5. Such beautiful colors everywhere! Thanks for sharing your photos. :-)

  6. Happy 40th for a couple of weeks! I spent my 40th attending a course for parents of newly diagnosed autistic children! Fun! Not! Ah we all have our crosse to bear hey. Though someone did bring cakes so it wasn't all bad :)
    Hoping you are well enough to enjoy your special day :)

  7. Happy soon to be 40! It is a milestone! Hope your energy levels soon get better my friend.