Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Hello......... Last week we went off to a local Wildlife park for a visit. 'Wildwood'   is set in 40 acres of ancient woodland and has native species past and present from the UK.  

It was pretty hard to spot some of them and others were a little camera shy but here's a few of the better pictures from our visit as a little taster of the day.

First up we spotted this lizard and also a beautiful grass snake who was not so keen to have his picture taken.

Then on through the enclosure where the Cranes and Herons were.

Then we came across the Konik Horses in the woodlands

and then the Fallow Dear

and red dear, we looked for the Reindeer and Elk but they must have been hiding, as for the Bison I only managed to get a picture of his rear, which I'm sure you don't want to see.

What I really wanted to see was the Wolves,  the truly wild ones were hidden up in they're enclosure but the park also has two hand reared Wolves who were happily prowling about, too fast to get a picture, but my they were just beautiful.

This year the park has opened a new Otter pool, and we stopped by just in time to see them fed, so amusing to watch them play and such a privileged, these two ended up at the park after a failed attempt to reintroduce them into the wild in the west country.  

We were able to borrow the parks mobility scooters, which was great as it would have been a long old way for the wheelchair to be pushed, other highlights for me were seeing the badgers and Polecats sleeping in there dens and also the two Lynx not forgetting the fun filled red squirrel.

While 'L' went off to the play area we had enough time to make friends with this cute little fellow.

Of course we had to exit via the gift shop where I bought these lovely marbles, I do love a marble somewhere around here I have a big jar of them, not sure where they are at the moment, so I guess you could say 'I've lost my marbles' but I'm sure they'll turn up again.

This is my favourite new marble, it's hand made, isn't it gorgeous ?

As for Wildwood if you are in the area it's well worth a visit as for me, I will definitely be going back again.  I've put a link to the Wildwood Trust site 'here' if you fancy having a look.

They are currently trying to raise £50,000 to rescue two bears, who are being kept in terrible conditons. We donated to the appeal while at the park, they are already clearing a area for the natural enclosure you can read more about the plan to rescue the bears 'here'

Clare xx


  1. That looks like a really beautiful spot. What a pleasant way to spend a day. x

  2. Great pictures. I love the green of that Lizard, well spotted. Jo x

  3. What an amazing day out, there were some great pictures.

  4. Looks like my type of day. Your marbles are beautiful

  5. A beautiful place to visit, it looks like the animals have pretty natural living conditions which is lovely.
    Hugs to you and I love that marble.

  6. Bonjour! Great pictures.
    Have a nice day!
    Lucie (Québec, Canada)

  7. Sorry to hear you've lost your marbles! ;-) Sounds like a lovely day out though and your pics capture it perfectly. Xx

  8. So glad that while you have lost your marbles, [temporarily I trust, Clare,] you made good use of your camera! Thanks for posting the photos of your day at Wildwood Park. The animals there have a lovely home, and your new favorite marble is beautiful indeed! xx