Thursday, 4 September 2014

The last day of Summer

Hello.......... So today was the last day of Summer here at the Summerhouse, yes I know I'm being slightly dramatic, but what I mean is it's my last day in the sun. As tomorrow I'm resuming my antibiotics for my Lyme Disease which make me very allergic to the sun. My symptom's have started to flare again, five weeks without any antibiotics means fevers, joint pains, sore glands, no energy and feeling very fluey are all on the increase again.

So I decided today I was going to make the most of it, I'm not feeling well enough to go to the beach or out and about, so I today I was destined to spend some quality sitting in our comfy old garden recliner and I decided to take my paints with me. 

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to feel the sun on my skin, as I spend most of my time avoiding it, So from the middle of August I was hoping for a few weeks of sunshine, but August sadly proved anything but Sunny here at the Summerhouse but the last couple of days have been just perfect.

As for the paints, I'm on catch up again, this is technically my August picture, I planned what I was going to paint a few weeks back but never got around to it, but it was so lovely to be painting out in the garden today.

Following my usual pacing, a bit of activity followed by a rest to try and make the energy last.

Water colours are kind of perfect for this as I can rest between each stage, gradually building up the colour washes

The picture is of one of the Roses in our garden called Masquerade, which is a beautiful Rose that changes from yellow to orange to pink in the sunshine.

Whilst it was drying there was time for another rest

 before adding some ink detail to the image.

Then a bit more rest, reading in the glorious sunshine, trying to finish my July read from 'The Year in books' (I'm so behind)

It took me the best part of the day ten minutes at a time of painting fun, but I got there in the end. I thought in this post I would explain a bit about how I have to pace my days and crafting to give you a little bit of insight about how it is to live and craft with ME/Lyme disease.

Today was a relaxed pacing day as I'm on my Summer break usually it's stricter with just ten minutes a day to craft.

So Ta-Dah
'My last day of Summer Roses'

As from tomorrow it will be jackets hats and parasol again for me, if I have to venture outside.  So today I've savioured every last ray. (Do you like my new parasol, I got it while at Folk East?)

Before I came inside for dinner I picked a few flowers from the garden to bring a little bit of Summer inside with me.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. So sorry this is your last day out in the sun Clare. Your painting is so gorgeous, I never tire of seeing you fantastic artwork.

  2. It sounds as though you really made the most of your day! Your painting is lovely, and that parasol is great too! I hope that the meds do their thing for you and that you are more yourself again soon. xx

  3. I love seeing your art work, Clare! Have you ever used Woodless Coloured Pencils? I just got a set and love the intensity of the colors they produce. Your parasol is so pretty and practical. Wishing you well. xx

    1. Thanks Gracie yes I have some of those pencils I use them alot I think my ones can also be used as a water colour pencil although I'm yet to try that
      Clare xx

  4. Hello lovely and I am so so sorry to hear that you are struggling so much with being off the antibiotics. I remember speaking to one of my Perrin Practitioners once who also had severe ME and she said that she stayed on her antibiotics all the way through till she could get better in other areas. Sometimes you need to do what works for you and only you know the answer to this. At least you tried being off it, so well done for giving it such a good go, its not worth suffering for though! I promise at some point I will get around to an email. I love your painting and I am so pleased that you managed to get some time in the sun, it is so so important for us to get this vitamin D. I hope that you can tolerate a good vitamin D3 whilst you can't be in the sun. I am sending you a big hug and much love!! xoxo

  5. Ahh, your picture turned out beautifully. Oh, I am sorry you are back on the antibiotics tomorrow - here's hoping the weather is awful from here on out anyway ha ha!