Saturday, 21 June 2014

Out in the garden

Hello, Happy Midsummer everyone..........

Today I thought I'd share with you what's been going on out in the Summerhouse garden over the last few weeks.  Ten minutes at a time I've slowly been planting up the Summerhouse border

Hanging baskets

and window boxes one at a time, with Geraniums trailing and normal in pinks magenta and whites, can't wait for them to flower

and also the trailing Sweet peas I bought by mistake 'here'

and when I was outside earlier I noticed they are starting to flower, yippee

so pretty what a happy accident, they are flowering long before the sweet peas planted in the border.

The border as well as sweet peas has a new Scabious to keep the bees happy as well as ,  Penstemon Orange blossom and Jasmine

Here's a close up, I do love the colour so

I'm nearly there with the planting just waiting for the Forget me nots to finish and seed before I can put in the rest of the bedding plants

The giant poppy in all it's glory

 The sweet peas just need to start climbing now, for bedding plants this year I have

Pretty Verbena

and Petunia which sadly the snails are also loving

Elsewhere in the garden looking to the future we've planted as new Honeysuckle

and a Clematis Montana,
 both replacement plants after loosing there predecessors over the past couple of winters.

The tomato's are in to, but are tiny it's sure is a slow old business this ten minutes at a time every week or so way of gardening but needs must and I'll get there in the end.

Wishing you all a very Happy Midsummer's day with this Mosaic of flowers, the pictures were taken in the Summerhouse garden this morning.

Clare xx


  1. Beautiful flowers - hope you have a lovely Midsummer's Day!


  2. Your garden already looks as though it has lots of lovely flowers and many more to come once it all gets into the full swing of things. You have achieved an awful lot in your 10 minutes here and there, you must go very fast when you garden. Hope that you have a lovely midsummer day and a great summer too! xx

  3. Flowers in your garden are just beautilful.
    Bonne journée, bon été, bises

  4. A perfect post for today, thank you for sharing those beautiful blooms! Chrissie x

  5. I love that pretty floral mosaic!
    Marianne x

  6. What beauty created with only ten minutes a week - magic Clare, you surely do have green fingers! Your pics are gorgeous and tell a beautiful story - I've really enjoyed my stroll through your lovely garden, thank you. Happy Midsummer to you - of course we are in the very depth of winter as I type, but our turn will come, xoJoy

  7. Happy Summertime, Clare! It was lovely here today, and I have some flowers blooming, too, but loved viewing yours and imagining their wonderful scent. Thanks for posting. xx

  8. Gorgeous! The soil looks so rich and lovely - perfect for planting flowers!

  9. Oh you have lots of lovely flowers, I don't have a garden to plant flowers!