Wednesday, 18 June 2014

I've been nominated

As always I'm running a bit behind with my blog what with bad energy levels and lots of hospital visits for everyone here at the Summerhouse.  I was so happy to find out that the lovely Jill over at Emerald Cottage had kindly nominated me and my little blog for a Liebester Award a few weeks ago you can read more about how the award works over on her blog 'here'

So first off I'm supposed to post 11 random fact about myself

So here goes.........

Number one:

 I love to garden, as regular readers might have guessed from all the flower photo's, my gardening is pretty scaled back these day to about 10 minutes at a time maybe once a week while seated but I still love to do it.  Before my health got really bad, I even used to have a organic allotment.

Number two:

Onto the thorny topic of my health, where I find myself stuck between several diagnosis I've had diagnosis of ME since I was 14, over twenty years, since 2005 I've been being treated for Chronic Lyme disease which is a controversial nightmare,  and as of earlier this year my back up diagnosis as my GP says is MS. It pants really and each year I'm getting worse, so that's why sometimes I don't always get around to stopping by everyone blogs or posting as much as I'd like, as I have to pace, spending the majority of the days resting between ten minute snippets of activity that add up to one hour twenty a day of activity, last week I went to a new ME Clinic so will be rejigging my pacing to the one they follow there and I'm off to see a Cardiologist next week to see if I have POTS as if I'm not lying down my heart beats really fast. So it's no wonder I love escaping off to blogland.

Number three:

Onto happier random facts, when I was little I competed in the British Championships for Majorettes.

Number four:

When I was twenty before my health fell apart again, I travelled across Canada on a Greyhound Coach with my best friend, we had a amazing time and I'm so glad I did it we went from Vancouver to Victoria by bus. plane, Rollerblades and even went in a helicopter over the Rockies, fab I'm so please I managed this adventure.

Number five:

I love Folk and Americana music and I have 1047 songs on my ipod at the moment I just hit shuffle and 'Winter Tree' by The Staves was selected. Here's a clip

Number six:

I play guitar and mandolin and write my own songs and plan to record some stuff one day when I have enough energy and can figure out how to work the 8 track recorder.

Number seven:

I love colour and also colouring books I have quite a selection, The Secret Garden one is my favourite.

Number eight:

A couple of weeks ago, I was surprised and touched when I got a mention in the thanks on my friends new album. It made my day, they have just been on a UK tour with great reviews, here's the first single from there new Album 'The Morning Key' by Hatful of Rain

Number nine:

I have way to many WIP's  let alone things on the too make list, maybe I'll do a name and shame outstanding  WIP post at some point, I'm trying to not start anything new until I've finished some. I've just had a quick count up in the basket and there are seven just in there eek, confessions of a fickle crafter.

Number ten:

As a child my favourite books were the 'Brambly Hedge' books I just loved the illustrations still do, then when I got a little older I loved Anne of Green Gables, like WIP's I have far too many books waiting to be read, and seeing as it's just us, I have to confess to the guilty pleasure of the odd vampire book.

Number eleven:

I learnt to crochet and knit  a couple of years ago to try and stop the joints in my hands from ceasing up, above are the first thing things I made, I started off knitting but then discovered that crochet is much more cup of tea.  I also started this blog,  due to my illness as I was loosing the ability to spell, due to my brain fog being so bad, use it or loose it. so there are positives to be found living with a chronic illness

Well that's all for this time hopefully part two of the award post will be coming soon.
When I'll be answering Jill's questions and doing some nominating of my own.

Thank you so much for nominating me Jill you really made made day.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. What a great post, Clare - I always think it's lovely to get to know the blogger behind the post just that wee bit better. You've had some fab adventures and I hope that in time you'll be healthy enough to enjoy lots more. I am inspired by your positive outlook despite your circumstances - well done you! And congrats on your Leibster, it's well-deserved. Hugs, xx

  2. Je pense à vous pour que votre santé s'améliore ou à tout le moins que ce soit possible pour vous de pouvoir profiter des belles choses de la vie. Votre blog est magnifique, vous méritez le Leibster
    Lucie x

  3. Congrats on receiving the Leibster award. I love all of your knitting and crochet projects.

  4. It's great to see some photos of the pre-ME Clare, what a wonderful adventure to must have had in Canada! Congratulations on the blog award :) xxx

  5. It is nice to get to know a bit more about you Clare and what you like to get up to apart from your crocheting which is what I mainly know you for from your blog. I hope that the new clinic has some good ideas and help for you. xx

  6. Cogratulations on your award Clare - and it's lovely getting to know you better! I do hope for some sort of magic wand to come along and make your health a whole lot better SOON!
    Thank you for the music clips, I really enjoyed them; I'm loving your cherry bag and crochet as well as your knitting; your sweet peas are so lovely as are all your pics - you always do such a wonderful job with your makings and posts and really do deserve your award. I'm looking forward to part two, and in the meantime take care and I wish you well! xoJoy

  7. I have all of the brambly hedge books too. They are a very treasured possession of mine! It is so interesting to hear more about you - esp. your love of music and aptitude for it. I had no idea! You are incredibly talented and certainly know how to enjoy life.

  8. What a wonderful post, Clare. I too, enjoyed getting to know you better, and seeing your manu wonderful creative pursuits in spite of your ill health. Bravo! The clips were fun to view and I am especially happy for your mention on the album and your blogging award. Cheering you on! xx

  9. Lovely pictures nice to learn something new about fellow bloggers. The majorette picture is very cute hehe x

  10. Hi Clare, you are very welcome, and thanks for the mention :) I really hope the Liebster thingy hasn't caused you any stress cos I know how time consuming doing it can be. That is really pants, as you rightly say, about your health. Really pants in fact. You are amazing for your positive attitude towards it all. Where on earth did you learn to play the mandolin ? Wow!
    And another wow - that colouring book looks amazing. Off to try and find it now! xxx

  11. Hi Clare, Loved visiting your blog! Congrats on your award. Fun to read your facts. I do wish you some relief with your illnesses, you are in my prayers. I'll be back and thanks for visiting me too!

  12. Hi Clare, it's so lovely to learn more about you :-) Congratulations.
    Tracey xxx