Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Five seconds

Hello........Just a quick post today as I have quite a surprise to share with you

Yesterday evening a friend wrote on Facbook that my Summertime wreath was in Crafts Beautiful magazine (Aug) on the 'Your Space page' !!!

Wow really!! was my response, so off I went to find my copy that had also arrived yesterday. I'd resisted opening my magazine as I was saving it to take to the hospital today.

What a surprise, after the initial shock wore off I was over the moon, to see my little make in a magazine, happy, happy. My five seconds of crafty fame !!

Here's my wreath hanging in our lounge this morning,  the magazine says it was made in a weekend!! which maybe possible for someone it full health, but mine took me a few weeks to put together making some new roses and using some of the flowers from my Spring and Winter version of the wreath.

 I'm cockahoop and over the moon that they featured my make,  been smiling all day, despite the fact I'm off to see the Cardiologist for the first time this afternoon, to see if as well as ME/Lyme I have POTS.

The Internet is a amazing thing really, that someone crafting from there bed while ill can end up with a photo of there make in a magazine, so keep crafting everyone, you never know !!

Happy Crafting

Clare xxx

Quick question before I go is anyone else having trouble with there blogger reading list, mines only showing one blog, the latest one to published, that I follow I can't see the others, so I'm sorry of I miss you're post.


  1. What a wonderful surprise for you Clare, congratulations, I am very happy for you! All the very best with your health checks - I'd love to hear a good report - keep positive and smiling, you'll get there! xoJoy

  2. How lovely congratulations, best wishes for your hospital visit & my reading list is the same, pretty sure it was like that last night too.

  3. Woo hoo... well done you! It's such a fab wreath, it well deserves showcasing in a mag :-)
    And yes, I'm having the same trouble with my reading list - only showing one at a time, so glad it's not just me. I'm assuming blogger will get it sorted sometime and in the meantime I'm just going down my list of favourites in my sidebar to see what everyone is up to. Good luck with your appointment this afternoon - hope it goes well. Hugs xx

  4. Félicitations! Elle est vraiment jolie.
    Lucie x

  5. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! This is fantastic, I hope that you are very much cheered and pleased by this as you deserve to be!!! Brilliant!!!

    Yes, blogger reader troubles are widespread! xx

  6. How wonderful! Good for you, Clare. You do really beautiful work.

  7. Wow - how amazing is that! It was lovely - you totally deserve this!

  8. Hope the hospital visit went well. I love the wreath, and so glad for you to be published, as it were!!
    I only ever use my blog list anyway, and that is fine.

  9. That is amazing news Clare... congratulations! :-)
    I hope things went ok at the hospital today xxxx

  10. That's really good that your in the magazine. I had the blog problems too seems to be fixed now though fingers crossed x

  11. Congratulations on being featured in the magazine. Your summer wreath is really beautiful.
    Ali xx

  12. lovely lovely project, congrats on the feature!!

  13. Oh Wonderful!!!! That is SOOO cool!

  14. Congratulations!! What a fantastic surprise! Also, what a gorgeous wreath!