Friday, 8 June 2018

Baby Blanket

Hello............ Back at the beginning of February I started work on this baby blanket for a neighbour, I decided to go for granny squares as I wanted to make a simple colour block blanket.

 The blanket is for a little boy, so traditionally would be a baby blue but I wanted to make the blanket quite contemporary so after much colour play I decided to go with duck egg, silver and cream, originally I was going to use white, but it really altered the look of the duck egg blue making it look very grey.  The yarn I used was all from the Stylecraft DK range.

I really enjoyed making these simple squares, round and round so relaxing, perfect as so easy to pick up and put down. I found the colours so soothing.

Little man wasn't due to arrive until the beginning of May, but I knew given my limited crafting time and energy levels I'd have to give myself plenty of time for my squares to mount up.

Over the next few weeks with lots of supervision from kitten crafting assistants Monty I continued making squares until I had enough.

It felt quite a achievement to see them all laid out,

Until it dawned on me I now needed to stitch them all together, la sigh

Once that was done it was time to start on the edge

I wanted to keep the border simple to go with the clean lines of the blanket. So I worked it in three rounds.


I finished it just in the nick of time. As it was a surprise I was a little concerned that I might not have opted for the right colours and style.

but thankfully my neighbours seemed to like it.

This make wasn't all plain sailing though, one morning I came down to find this wrapped round and around the lounge tangled around the legs of the chairs and dining table, note to self never leave yarn bag unattended with kittens about it took 'P' ages to to untangle it all for me.

Naughty Monty and Alfie looks like they had lots of fun, me I had to order another ball of yarn to finish my blanket.

It all turn out well in the end though.

Happy Crafting 

Clare xx


  1. What a lovely present and I am sure it was well received knowing the amount of energy and time you put into it.You must feel so pleased to have finished such a big project.I am doing squares at the moment with the mini skeins that I won in Josie Kitten's giveaway which raised £8,000 for BHF.

  2. Such a beautiful finish, a lovely gift.

  3. That is a beautiful blanket and a lovely gift for your neighbors. I like the colors very much. Blessings, Betsy

  4. Well didn't Monty have a wonderful time with all that yarn! The blanket looks wonderful and will be cherished.

  5. A little slice of lovely. It makes a wonderful gift. Andy unraveled a skein I dropped while winding on Monday night. He stuck with it but it took him 2 hours! Jo x

  6. Beautiful crochet work! Blue and white are my favorite colors. Have a great weekend!

  7. You are a talented and very creative handmade.Nice!

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