Thursday, 1 September 2016

Seven Sunny Days in Suffolk

Hello......... Last week we closed up the summerhouse and trundled off to Suffolk.  I love this little corner of the world and have visited it so many time over the past twenty years it's like visiting a old friend.

As you know my health and energy levels have been pretty poor this year, so one of the first things we did was visit Dunwich heath, it's one of my favourite places, so we wanted to go while I still had some energy.

This year we visited the National Trust's part of the heath, as they have a tramper, that less able visitors can borrow, which enables you to get right out onto the heath and in amongst the glorious heather.

It's a little bumpy but there are wide sandy paths that you mean you can go exploring.

Wonderful things to see and wildlife to spot, the heath is situated next to the rspb reserve at Minsmere, (where Spring watch comes from) and we saw so many birds, insects and bunnies out enjoying the heath.

After being coped up in the house it was just wonderful to take in all the views

and as for the heather  wow, we caught it at it's very best I think.

Now in case anyone is interested the Trampers are free to borrow, but you do have to phone and book in advance, (we phoned in the morning and went in the afternoon).  

They do give you a little bit of training but they are fairly easy to use once you get the hang of them.

Now I knew there were going to be some days when I would not be well enough to leave the cottage so I took lots of supplies along, for rest days

I did however make it to the beach for the first time in a year

so wonderful to feel the sand between my toes and lie in the warm sunshine, a luxury for me as the medication for Lyme disease makes me allergic to sunlight so if I go away I always have a treatment break.

So it was lovely to sit in the sunshine with my crochet.

Another short trip I managed was a drive out in the car to Snape Maltings,

Where we saw the traditional sailing barges,

and on the way home I snapped a quick pic of the 'house in the clouds'

Lots of resting gave me time to read my holiday book, and it was lovely to just lie and read, without any enforced pacing, normally when I follow my pacing program to help manage my energy I can only read for ten minutes a day, but as I was on holiday I decided to relax this, so while everyone else was out having fun I was keeping myself entertained with DVD's and my book.

Now no trip to Suffolk would be complete without a visit to Southwold, although I did find it scarily busy with so much traffic up in the town. It was my last trip out for the holiday as by then I had used up all my spoons

So the last few days of the trip were spent resting up in the cottage, although I did manage a short outing to the village duck pond.  So that's about it, what can I say the weather was perfect and Suffolk is so lovely.

But after a busy week both my nephew doggie and I were completely wiped out and in need of a good rest.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. What a beautiful place to visit and I'm so, so happy that you were able to take part in so many activities. Summer is on the wane here, much cooler predicted for the weekend.

  2. The heather and ocean, and you happily exploring with some crafting here and there are wonderful sights to see, Clare. Thanks for the glimpses of your beautiful holiday! xx

  3. You reminded me how lovely that part of the world is.Glad you enjoyed your break.

  4. Ahh Those fields are so beautiful ♥

  5. I am deep green with jealousy! I am listening to The Year Before the War, which is largely set in Suffolk. I had no idea it was SO gorgeous. I'm glad you had a lovely getaway.