Saturday, 9 April 2016

Patchwork March

Hello............. Here's my March round up.

Lots of Yarny goodness and some new crafts too, eating clean and some music, I've been trying to learn a old time fiddle tune each week on the mandolin, with my brain fog and playing just a few minutes a day it's hard to get them to stick, so one a weeks about my limit at the moment.

Spring time out in the garden is so very pretty I love this time a year, the Easter bunny very kindly left me some lovely Viola's I just love how they look like they are painted with watercolour, lots else going on too with Polyanthus and lots of spring bulbs.
Here are  a couple of patchworks I shared to sum up the month of March over on Instagram

Well that's about it for March, sorry I've not been about too much lately I've been struggling a lot with dizziness I'm like a human weeble, (except sometimes I do fall down).  Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last few posts, I read them all, sorry I'm just not well enough to respond to them at the moment.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. I absolutely love all of your patchworks this month Clare. Pastels, pinks and purples especially, are some of my favorite colors so these caught my eyes in a great way. It looks as though you had a very creative March. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us today.

  2. Such pretty photos, Clare! Thanks for sharing them. Wishing you well xxxxxx

  3. So sorry you haven't been well. I am always amazed at all the creative projects you accomplish despite your struggles. You admire your spirit!

  4. Sorry you've had a bad patch, hope that dizziness clears up. You manage to get so much done though, and I do love your mosaics 😃

  5. That first photo with the light shining through the flowers is so lovely. I am sorry you've been struggling with dizziness - I hope it's eased off now and that you feel better. x