Friday, 19 February 2016

Something New - Machine sewing

Hello........... It's time for another 'something new post'.  A couple of years ago I treated myself to a sewing machine, and then well, my health fell to pieces big time, so I never really got started.

To be honest I've been putting it off a bit with flashbacks to school sewing classes, where I was never allowed passed the tacking stage by the teacher.  Any road, for my birthday last year a friend very kindly bought me a voucher for a one on one get to know your sewing machine lesson at a nearby sewing shop and after another bad year with my health and waiting to be well enough, I've just had to book it anyway before it expires.

So I'm off next week, I just hope my foggy brain, shaky hands, aching body and energy levels are up to it.  So I thought I should at least have a little play with the machine before I go........

I'm completely new to all this but I found a pattern for a pretty pin cushion in a craft magazine and thought this would be the perfect small project to start me off, now sewing it turns out is nothing like crochet and you have to be quite accurate, so with shaky hand I cut out 4 8cm squares of both fabrics. 

Then I sat with the manual and my foggy brain and tried to figure out how to wind thread onto the bobbin and then thread the needle,  after that alone I needed to lie down for a hour, but they do say that's the hardest part..........

So foot on the accelerator peddle I was off, sewing my squares together,

pressing the seams as I went, not the straightest but OK I guess for a first attempt.

I struggled a bit with the whole turning it back the right way part, mostly I think because I didn't leave a big enough gap.

Then it was onto the stuffing and sewing the last part by hand, at this point I stopped following the pattern as I couldn't resist getting creative with the decoration.

I found some ribbon and stitched two pieces around my little cushion, (the plan being to cover up any wonky seams,but looking back at the pictures they weren't as bad as I expected them to be for a first go)  then I was thinking a crocheted flower or a button, it just needed something in the middle.


Inspiration hit, I decided to pin some pretty little flower sequins along the ribbon, well after all it is a pin cushion!! 

So how am I rating machine sewing, it was fun but quite stressful, hopefully stress levels will drop in time.  I found it very exhausting as I had to sit at the table to sew, where as I can crochet and do other crafts in bed.  Plus recently I have acquired a fun new symptom of inflammation the full length of my spine, so I found it quite painful.

So I'm guessing it's a craft that you need to save your spoons up for. (Spoon theory) Unless you are fit and healthy.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. WOW,this is soooo lovely you would not believe you are a beginner.I am very new to machine sewing,a bit scared of it actually,but you have inspired me to have a go.Good Luck with your class.x

  2. Well done you! Straight seams and perfect joining, you will dazzle them in the class! x

  3. Well done its fab! Time for some quilting next?!! X

  4. Even without your health problems, I find machine sewing stressful!
    Your pin cushion is beautiful. Doesn't look like a first project is all.
    I would like to get better with my machine. I know that the stress does drop with practice. And sewing goes so well with other crafts!

  5. Wow! What a beautiful little cushion. If that was your first project I can only imagine the lovely things you'll soon be making. I hope you're physically able to get at it soon. Prayers and hugs.

  6. Looks like you don't even need the lessons, you did great. Every time I sew my 7th grade teacher's voice pops into my head. I wasn't the best in her class and finally my Mother had to help me finish the dress I made.

  7. Such an adorable little pin cushion. Your addition of the flowers is just PERFECT!

  8. Well done Clare, it's very pretty. I was terrible with a sewing machine at school - in the end, the teacher gave me some paper, fabric and glue and told me to make a collage while the rest of the class sewed. It's put me off ever since. x

  9. Oh isn't it sweet! I'm sorry you find it painful to sew - it's a lot of fun once you get into it!

  10. That is so pretty, I really need to be brave and try my sewing machine!!