Sunday, 7 February 2016

29 Drawings later Week 1

Hello..........On the spur of the moment last week I decided to take part in the '28 drawings later challenge' over on Facebook, I'm not sure how well this is going to go, as the idea is that you draw a picture each day of February, so in fact this year is 29 days.

Most days all I'm going to be able to manage with my energy levels as they are, is a quick doodle, but I'm going to try all the same, to see what I can produce in a just a few minutes. I took part last year, and by the end lets say I struggling, you can read all about it 'here'. 

I'm not the best at drawing and tend to have quite shaky hands these days but here goes....

Day one:  I made a bit of a effort for day one this is a pencil and ink drawing of New Quay, drawn from a photo I took on holiday last summer.

Day two: is just a doodle, not sure what it's about!

Day three: This past week we have had some amazing sunsets here at the Summerhouse and I just couldn't resist quickly trying to capture one using water colour pencils and ink.

Day four: Today's doodle is a bit of a nod to all the inky treasury colouring books I've been using lately.

Day Five: Now this one took a little bit longer, a few attempt over the day, since loosing our lovely boys last year, I'm really missing not having fur people around, (everyone needs a crafting assistant) so I think I may need a tiny tabby (or two) in my life.

Day six:  Just drawing with thread today (I've nearly finished this embroidery so look out for a Ta-dah post soon)

Day seven: Time for my weekly B12 shot, I've been self injecting them since the end of the Summer, which saves so much energy on having to going to the doctors every week, plus reduces the risk of picking up a lurgy that could make me very ill for weeks and cause a serious relapse.

Well I made it through the first week just about.....

Clare xx


  1. You are very talented Claire, have fun with this new project.

  2. Keep drawing Clare, it is good for your soul. Jo x

  3. Your drawings are lovely my favourite is day one and five. :)