Monday, 24 August 2015

Summer in the Castle gardens

                 Hello.......... A couple of weeks ago I visited our local Castles gardens with some friends, we had a wonderful lunch together, before going for a pottle around the stunning gardens, we borrowed the Castles mobility scooters, I can only guess it looked quite funny, us storming out of the gatehouse on our trusty steeds I mean mobility scooters.

As we were using the scooters we got to access the garden through this wonderful old gate that had a huge metal, key, just like the secret garden, how I loved that book when I was little.  Any road are you ready to explore ? for there is lots of colour to be seeing.........

We started off in the Queen Mothers garden, isn't it pretty? The castle used to be one of her official residences

and this part of the garden was opened by her in 1997

The garden has some amazing plants in it so I make no apologies if this post is somewhat photo heavy.

We then journeyed onto the the paddock, normally at this point I love to continue on up to the woodland and wild flower meadow at the far ends of the grounds, where white squirrels and foxes can be spotted if you are lucky but it was a little too far for those members of our group who were walking.

Although we didn't have to go too far to find a little fox, this cute little cub was running around in the paddock all on his own, I say all on his own, but he wasn't really, as he was running around with the children and posing for pictures, trying to befriend the picnickers

It's a bit sad really but this little fellow was left behind when the family moved on, I guess there are worse place to be on your own than in the grounds of a  beautiful castle, at least he is safe here from busy roads and has company and food to eat, but I still feel  very sad for him/her.

Following the garden round we ended up at this formal walk, it was so pretty planted in drifts of colour,

starting with cool silvers

blues and mauve's

then onto purples

and pinks

whites to yellows

then orange to reds a real feast for the eyes. I was skippy happy I can tell you.

Turning left at the castle we came to one of my favourite parts of the garden, after the woods and wildflower meadow that is.

The kitchen gardens

aren't they pretty

they sure must keep the castles gardeners busy.

In this areas there is also a Rose garden

and the scent was divine

and last but not least  what I'm calling the cut flower garden, I loved the drifts of colour here the best.  I hope you have enjoyed this pottle around the grounds of Walmer Castle,  if so you can read a bit more in posts 'here' and 'here' of  visits to the castle in the Spring time.

I'm away from the Summerhouse again at the moment but I'll be back in about week.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. Gorgeous photos Clare, looks like a perfect day out :)

  2. Smashing. A lovely castle and beautiful grounds :-)

  3. It all looks so beautiful. I love taking my scooter out, it makes so much difference to be able to join in :-) x

  4. What a stunning garden, you certainly took us on a beautiful tour. Have a great break away.

  5. It looks like such a beautiful garden to visit. I love the variety of flowers. The photos of the castle seemingly rising up from behind the flowers are my favorite, I really like the effect. Hope you are feeling well and that you have a good week.

  6. Stunning photos. What a wonderful day out! Poor little fox, I hope he has a happy life though, he certainly has a beautiful playground.

  7. It is so beautiful!!!! You had a wonderful day weather wise to enjoy the gardens didn't you, so lovely!!! Hope you are having a great time away. xx