Sunday, 9 August 2015

Newport a Wheelchair accessible walk.

Hello........... While on our travels around Pembrokeshire we discovered this place, it was a bit of a happy accident really as the driver got a bit confuggled, we were meant to be heading to New Quay to book a dolphin spotting trip, but some how we ended up in Newport.  

Where we happened upon a wheelchair accessible river walk, not exactly the coastal path but very pretty all the same.

I love nothing more than being out in nature, and I miss it so very much,  so this was the perfect opportunity for a little wheelchair amble.  

Since I've been home I've discovered this is the Afon Nyfer (The Nevern River) which I'm sure would have been even more stunning if the tide were in. The pathway was through a ancient woodland, which sadly I don't have any photo's of as I was too distracted by all this.

How amazing would it be to live here, maybe in that house?

although it might be a little bleak in winter but with a roaring fire, a cuppa and a lovely crochet blanket I'm sure I'd be happy watching wildlife from the window.

Our walk took us up to a pretty iron bridge and this was the view back down to the sea.

The far side of the bridge looked over some marshes.

Along the path there were view points and lovely places to sit

Here I am sitting under the tree ( that you can see at the edge of the previous pic, looking at the wonderful view, taking it all in, saving it up for the times when I'm stuck in bed) 

To me this kind of accessible walk is such a wonderful freedom.

I hope you enjoyed the walk as much as I did.

Clare xx


  1. Pure serendipity!!!! What a lovely place to happen upon!

  2. I can see why that walk was so important to you. Just being outside in the fresh air with big views and horizons lifts the spirits so much. When the kids were small and we used a pushchair I quickly learnt which walks were buggy (and wheelchair) friendly and they became firm favourites. x

  3. Looks idyllic, how wonderful to live in that beautiful house.

  4. Lovely photos - fantastic place. x

  5. Lovely photos, and serendipity is exactly the word I'd have used too, like Shan!
    Anyway. Is that bench extra high or yourselves extra short (or both) lol I'm average with short legs and quite often my feet are left dangling lol

    1. A bit of both, I'm very short at just 4ft 11 ;)

  6. It looks wonderful, Clare. I would enjoy visiting there and I agree, that house would be terrific to live in. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy this place.

  7. What gorgeous gorgeous views!!! You're blessed to have gone to this coastal spot!
    I hope you have a great weekend,
    Tammy x

  8. I'm so pleased you were able to enjoy such a beautiful 'walk'. Like you, finding an accessible walk in the country is just such a treat. I'm sure you enjoyed it far more than most of the people using it that day :-) x