Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Spooky Garland

Hello......... So we are getting around to that time of the year 'when things go bump in the night,' and this year I decided to hook up a Spooky Garland for Halloween.

It all started on Sunday evening when I was looking through my stash trying to come up with ideas for a gift, I was thinking of  making Stars and found this black sparkly yarn.

Not great for what I had planned but perfect for sparking a Halloween idea.

The Yarn is Wendy Supreme cotton dk and I used this super cute star pattern 'here' , from Sandra's lovely blog, her Twinkle Star pattern is so cute, and I'm longing to make a pastel garland of stars at some point but for now it's all about the Spooky.

Next up it was time for Pumpkins, these are made from Stylecraft Special DK. I found a wonderful tutroial on You Tube which you can find ''here' it a good one and really easy to follow.  

As I didn't have any orange yarn I used Saffron Special DK so hopefully it looks close enough to a pumpkin.  Although for reader in the UK and anywhere else in the world they sell them.  I keep thinking that they look kinda like  Jacob's Cheddars Biscuits, can you see it too or is it just me?

You know the ones I mean !!

Any road back to the garland.

Next up it was time for a Spooky Skull. Which I was so happy that I was actually able to make (yay my crochet skills were up to it) I followed this great tutorial 'here'  although I did change it quite a lot to get the size perfect for my garland, trial and error really, hence there only being one, as I doubt I could make another one to match, as part way through I basically just winged it.

Not to worry though as one is the perfect centrepiece for the garland.

So I made three cute little Cheddars I mean pumpkins, I did try to add a spooky face to one but it didn't turn out so great, so my Pumpkins are uncarved.  Then three Black and Silver Glittery stars plus a Spooky Skull in white glittery yarn from my stash and that was about it really.

To tell the truth it was tough to get this one done in time as we've had a bit of a week of it at the Summerhouse. You could say we've got Gremlins just in time for Halloween as the Phones Broadband and Washing Machine have all gone on the fritz this week. 

What with that, 'P' still recovering from eye surgery and me off to the Hospital to see yet another consultant  you could say it's been hectic, but I digress.


One Spooky Garland, about as far we've got with the Halloween decorations.  I simply threaded my makes onto some fine Silver Anchor Yarn and it was complete.

Wishing you all a happy or peaceful Halloween depending on if you celebrate, I know it's not everyone cuppa tea.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. I was impressed by the garland particularly the skull. I must admit apart from a wreath that I have made I don't bother.

  2. Very beautiful ! great work ! Happy halloween too !

  3. LOVE it, Happy Halloween to you
    Take Care
    Sue xx

  4. I just love these, so cute and way better than all the plastic tack in the shops x

  5. I love it, it's so effective, and you're right, the pumpkins do remind me of Cheddars now that you've pointed it out. Sorry you've had a tricky week, I hope all goes well with the consultant. Something strange was happening with the broadband connection here yesterday as well. Gremlins indeed. CJ xx

  6. Very good, I am impressed with the skull, and the sparkly stars are perfect. I am tempted to make some myself but i won't make it for halloween. The stars would be good for a christmas garland.

  7. That's a fantastic wee garland!
    Marianne x

  8. Your garland is so cute! I absolutely love the little skulls, too cool.

  9. I am very impressed with the skulls, I have never seen those in crochet before. Very creative and seasonal for sure. xx