Monday, 13 October 2014

Autumn Leaf Cards

Hello....... Today I thought I'd share with you a card making post, I've not done one in what seems like an age, but I was inspired to get into a bit of papercraft, by some left over felt leaves from my 'Autumn Wreath' 

So using a wonderful vibrant orange floss I set to work

Stitching some detail onto the felt leaves

I then cut some pretty Autumn coloured paper and some ribbon and stuck them onto a cream card.

Adding a little bit of sparkle and some buttons to decorate,

Before sticking the leaf into place with glue dots, 

Just in time for a Ta-Dah

Quickly followed by another Ta-Dah for the second card.

A quick little make, all ready to go off in the post to spread some Autumnal cheer.

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Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. So cute! (Holly leaves and red button berries for Christmas?) xxx

  2. Gorgeous idea! Looks really effective x

  3. Lovely way to celebrate this beautiful season!
    Lena x

  4. These are so pretty!!! Your stitching on the leaves is so good too, very nice and even, exactly the opposite of what mine seems to be! xx

  5. The card should be placed in a frame it is so wonderful.

  6. Lovely cards, the leftover leaves look perfect.

  7. Lovely cards - I think some autumn cheers in the post would be wonderful to receive!

  8. Beautiful, Clare!!! Thanks for posting! xx