Friday, 4 November 2016


Hello......... It's been quite some time since I joined in with Amy's Five on a Friday link up, so today I thought I'd do a bit of a catch up post of Summerhouse happening.

Here at the Summerhouse lately we have had some wonderful sun rises and sunsets, but which is which? this one was amazing a beautiful pink sky with a double rainbow, just wow.

This time of years seems to produce the most beautiful skies, maybe it's a pay off to balance out the shorter darker days.

As crafters we seem to have to start thinking about Christmas earlier than most people, in fact our craft club library group is in a bit of a panic at the moment after being asked with very short notice to make enough handmade decorations for the Library's eight foot tree which is going up at the end of the month eek.

The decorations have to be handmade and not too expensive in case any of them should go walkies off the tree, so I just couldn't resist making some cupcake case angels to hang on the tree.

Aren't they cute I've made a whole host.

I've also had a bit of a epic craft fail, for some reason I know not why I decided to pick up my long forgot knitting last week and well it all went horribly wrong.  You see there was a reason I stopped knitting when I discovered crochet, I'm just no good at it.

Just a couple of rows in I'd mess it up and I just can't get my head around picking up stitches, so that was that I had to frog the lot, I ripped it all out but not to worry, I have plans already for the yarn instead of this lovely leaf cushion, I'm going to crochet one, as I just love the concept and the yarn colours but lets face it I just can't knit.......

So back to happier yarniness it was time to put the decorations back up for Halloween, you see I can't do basic knitting but I can crochet a sparkly skull!!

I was also pleased to see that the salt dough decorations we made last year, had also survive, you can read a bit more about these makes here and here.

So one more thing to go until we have five. So I thought I'd share some pictures of my crystals, each week I select some Crystal to work with, mostly because they are lovely to have around, they make me happy, they are just so beautiful, mother nature never fails to amaze and  I love to learn about them.

Well that my five, wishing you a wonderful weekend

Happy Crafting
 Clare xx


  1. Such a wonderful five, the sunsets/sunrise were beautiful. I was so impressed with those stunning cupcake tree angels, perfect for a public tree.

  2. Your Halloween decorations are amazing and I can see why the crystals would make you happy - beautiful.

  3. We have had great sunsets too. Your crafting is going well, I hope you are feeling good this week. Jo x

  4. I would love to cultivate a collection of crystals. I really like the idea. Loving your Halloween collection! Let's trade - you lend me some crochet skill and I will lend you some knitting skill?!

  5. I like your cupcake angels. What a great idea for a public tree! The sunrises/sunsets are just gorgeous. The colours are so pretty. Your crystals are so pretty. I can see why they would make you happy.

    Thanks for sharing your Five!

  6. Shame about your knitting, such a lovely colour. I'm loving the sunsets too at the moment. As you say compensation! Have a great weekend. B x

  7. I'm sure that I could never get the hang of knitting, too many needles. Love you Halloween crocheting.

  8. That pink sky is amazing! I am sorry you've given up on your knitting, maybe give it another try next year? Your cupcake case angels are very cute, what a lovely idea. Take care. x

  9. I'm the opposite. Cannot get the hang of crochet. It hurts my hand to hold the yarn. I love to knit, however, and would rather stick with that.

    That violet yarn was lovely. I hope you make something out of it!

  10. What a spectacular sky! I crochet as I can never get the hang of knitting, so to see you got as far as you did is very impressive! Have a wonderful Sunday x

  11. The sky pictures are wonderful and are such a treat at this time of year. Your cup cake case angels are so sweet and will look great on the library tree. Have a good week.

  12. So much crafty goodness here! Love the colour of that wool you had to frog.