Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Work in progress Wednesday

Hello.......... I thought I'd do a bit of a WIP Wednesday post as a bit of a catch up, as well lets face it I've been a bit rubbish at posting lately.

In my defence I didn't really have too much to share as energy levels are low and pain has been high and to top it all off this happened, I have no idea why !!! but the knuckle on my little finger came up all red and swollen and that kind of put pay to any crochet for a while, how I missed the yarn.  I'm guessing it's related to the Lyme disease as I'm currently off my antibiotics so lots of my joints have been playing up, but a red and angry looking joints is a new thing here. 

Any road mustn't grumble as of yesterday the hooks been back in my hand.

So a little catch up on the fingerless gloves, well it was all going so well and I was following along with the pattern for the thumb rows, until I hit a snag, as you can see I have teeny tiny hands and well the gloves are turning out to be just too big. So after much huffy and puffy and lamenting my tiny hands, it's time for plan b, just need to figure out what that is, as I adore these pretty gloves.

I'm still plodding along with my rainbow drops wheelchair blanket, which is coming along just fine.

Now it's confession time, as you may know I already have many ongoing blankets on the go eek, well I just thought I'd try to see if I could make one of the flower hexi's, from 'Cute and Easy Crochet with flowers'  That was my plan until oops I accidentally bought some yarn in colours that would be just perfect for this make.......

Well that's about it, hopefully once the Summer's over I'll be around a little bit more.

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. I love the flower hexi and the colour combination is a delight. Hope you are feeling a little better soon so that you are able to crochet. Take care.

  2. I'm so sorry that you've been in pain and unable to crochet. I would be lost without my needles and hooks. That hexie is so pretty. Love the colors you chose.

  3. Love the hexes.Sorry you have not been able to crochet.Fingers crossed you are back in the groove again.

  4. I have shoulder pain at the moment an crochet and knitting is off limits which is so frustrating isn't it. Ouch on the finger! Nice projects though. Jo x

  5. So sorry you haven't been feeling well. I just love the flower blanket you started. You have such great color sense.

  6. Ouch! I'm sorry that pain got in the way of your stitching progress, but I love seeing the progress you have made when you are able, Clare. Years ago I tried making some wonky crochet squares and joined them in black for a stained glass effect but since then I have seen some lovely blankets joined in white like yours will be and now I am smitten by the idea although I have not started working on it. Thanks for posting :) xx