Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Patchwork May

Hello.......... It's patchwork time again, so here's a little look back at May.

Which was all crochet, ceramics and pants (making !!) 

May is also ME/CFS and Lyme disease awareness month, so I bravely decided to share a post each day about how my illness effects me to help raise awareness over on my Facebook and the blogs instagram page, I did quite well with it but ran out of steam on day 25.

As you know my healths really not been very good this year and I've been in a severe relapse since last October.  I find myself in the difficult position of not having a diagnosis that fully explains all my symptoms and therefore it hard to find a effective treatment, we are just treating symptoms as they occur, fighting fires if you like.  As my GP puts it' my official diagnosis is ME it's probably Lyme disease and my back diagnosis is MS.

It's so hard as I'm developing the symptoms of lots of different autoimmune conditions from Arthritis to Lupus, MS to Diabetes and thyroid disease and Dyautonomia, to name a few, my GP has said she thinks I have some sort of, yet to be discovered multi system autoimmune disease, which lets face it, is just no fun.

If you want to read more about the individual photo's you can find them here on my IG feed.

Onto happier and more lovely things to end with, out in the summerhouse garden.....

Well that's about it for May's round up

Happy Crafting

Clare xx


  1. I wish that it hadn't been such a difficult month and year for you so far. I always think that dealing with anything is much easier when you know what it is, but not knowing is the worst, so for you to be in that position must be incredibly hard. I hope that someday soon there will be a diagnosis and treatment for you. In the meantime it sounds as though you have an understanding and supportive GP so I hope that helps. xx

  2. I am sorry it has been such a hard month/year for you. It is hard to imagine for the rest of us what it would be like. Right now I have been diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum and I have been non stop throwing up for the last 16 weeks but it won't last forever. That has been bad enough and I think it gave me a little bit of insight but I still can't imagine it.

  3. I am so sorry it's been an awful year healthwise for you. I know that I've struggled myself with many things, not the least is receiving a pacemaker in July last year. That usually fixes problems and it did for me, but it also created an entire host of different issues. All of that to say, that although I can't even begin to compare my issues with yours, I can sympathize a bit with you and hope for a diagnoses and treatment plan that will improve your quality of life. You have managed to do so many beautiful things despite your limitations. I'll continue to pray for healing for you my friend.

  4. You have certainly been creative despite all your health issues you are to be admired. Take care.

  5. You have braved a lot of rough seas since last fall, and I give you a lot of credit. Through it all, you manage to create beauty in the world.