Sunday, 15 May 2016

Ceramic Painting : part one

Hello............. How have you been, sorry long time, no post, just struggling with my health lately, but today I have a very exciting birthday post to share with you, yes back in April some friends and I went off to a local Ceramics Cafe for a afternoon of craft,cake and tea.

After a bit of tuition about the paints and pottery from the lady who runs the cafe, we all set to work.  

You know me I just couldn't resist having a go at decorating a yarn bowl, probably not the easiest option for my first visit to the cafe, but hey ho

 I was thinking blue skies, cherry blossom and butterflies, for my design, and painted a little watercolour at home a few days before we went.

Now I did find it a bit tricky drawing my design onto the bowl, I really should have gone with a flat surface, but luckily you can use pencil and do some rubbing out on the pre fired bisque, once I had drawn my design on and before getting painty it was time for..........

some yummy cake and a cuppa

Here we all are, getting arty, I can tell you it was pretty quiet with all that concentrating, as we were all new to this pottery painting malarkey.

 I did find the paints a little confuggling at first with my foggy brain as they come out a different colours when fired but I soon got the hang of it.  First up I sponged sky blue over my bowl before painting in the cherry blossom and butterflies

You have to give each bit three coats of paint and in the excitment of it all I was a little worried I might have missed some bits.

Fingers crossed it comes out OK when it's been glazed and fired eek.

Here's what my lovely friends created, we all really want to go back again, although I did find it really tiring it was just so much fun.

 I promise I won't make you wait too long for the ta- dah post, we had to wait just under a week with the bank holiday but it was so exciting waiting to see how everything would turn out.

Happy Crafting 

Clare xx


  1. I really like your yarn bowl and love the way you have painted it. The ceramic party sounds great fun. xx

  2. What a lovely way to spend a day. Love your work. x

  3. Love, love, love! I've been wanting a yarn bowl and yours looks so pretty, even before firing. What a fun way to spend time with friends.

  4. That sounds like a fabulous birthday

  5. It all looks amazing, what a great day to spend the day. A wonderful Birthday treat, hope you are feeling much better.

  6. What a talented group. That sounds like a super fun birthday.

  7. Lovely to see part one! Glad you all had a good time together decorating!

  8. What a brilliant outing! Looking forward to see how the bowl with come out in the end and I hope you will have many happy crochet hours using it!

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  9. What a great way to celebrate your birthday, Clare! I have never painted ceramic pottery like that, but I imagine I would really enjoy doing it as you did. Your painting is lovely. It will be fun to see the final projects! Wishing you well xxxxxxx