Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Rosie Glow Magnets

Hello.......... Today saw the first snow flakes of winter fall here at the Summerhouse, not enough to lay but with the promise of more to come I'm ever hopeful. I do love a bit of snow, the perfect weather for hunkering down for a spot of crochet.

Today I thought I'd share these cute little rose magnets with you.

To make them I used the Attic 24 May Roses pattern, which gives lovely little compact roses, just perfect for magnet making.

then all I did was glue the magnets onto the backs and

They were finished.

I made my roses in Stylecraft Special DK,  (Pomegranate Fondant and Clematis)  and they were part of a Christmas gift for a friend. I'm a little bit in love with these Cath Kidston inspired colours and think I might have to make a set for the Summerhouse too.

Joining in with the Yarn along, here's book number two of my'40s reads for 40,' it's Anne Tyler's The Accidental Tourist, I've only just started to read it so I'll keep you posted. As for my first read 'Tender is the Night by F Scott Fitzgerald, well it didn't go so well, I had to abandon reading it because I just couldn't tolerate the racism, not really sure why a book of that nature would be listed as a classic. Hopefully it's day has long since passed.

Happy Crafting 

Clare xx


  1. I never thought about turning the roses into magnets. They are so cute on the bed!

  2. Brilliant idea to add magnets to them! I've always liked those roses, but never knew what to do with them if I were to make them. But I do believe my fridge is in need of some roses now!

  3. such sweet magnets, love them :)

  4. Very nice idea !! and thanks for sharing it with us... Have a lovely week !

  5. What a great idea, I too am a fan of the Cath Kidston colour palette.

  6. I love them, a perfect idea.

  7. So pretty! I love seeing these! I am struggling a bit with my crocheted flowers - so yours are an inspiration!

  8. Love the flowers, I would have made them into brooches, I love the magnet idea! Hope you enjoy the accidental tourist, Anne Tyler is one of my favourite authors!

  9. They are beautiful, what a clever idea this is! I am sure that your friend loved her gift! xx

  10. Argh this is such a cool idea, I love them! :)